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So a few years ago as podcasts were becoming more mainstream, I just couldn’t get into them. It was like talk radio. The audio quality was awful. A lot of them utilized iTunes which at the time, I avoided like the plague. However, in the past six months, podcasts are all I listen to. The idea of learning passively (or just laughing) while working has become normal to me.

The podcasts I listen to are usually put together by bloggers, designers, or developers. I am so happy to be able to support these amazing creatives by writing about their podcasts and sharing them here with you.


The BizCraft podcast is all about running a web design business, which I just so happen to do. Hosted by Carl Smith of nGen Works and Gene Crawford of Period Three, the BizCraft podcasts covers all of the business in web design. Fueled by user questions and beer (seriously), Carl and Gene are pretty personable and really offer some great insight on running a creative business. I haven’t had the opportunity to listen to too many episodes but it’s been a great podcast to listen to thus far. There are so many things happening in the world of web design and running a business is tough. BizCraft is my go-to podcast to help me get my business in order.

The Businessology Show

I know my podcast list might be boring because of all of the design and business information but it’s been so helpful! I’m a huge fan of Dan Mall who is a fantastic designer so when I learned he hosted a podcast with Jason Blumer, I knew I had to tune in. Another podcast about business, the Businessology podcast is has bit more formal but still really good. There have been some fantastic tidbits in this podcast and I can’t get into how amazing it is. Just take a listen!

Happy Monday

I absolutely love this podcast. From this podcast alone, I’ve grown to love co-hosts Sarah Paramenter and Josh Long who are doing amazing things in the design industry. They really get into discussing industry happenings and chatting with some of the best designers. I’ve gotten introduced to a lot of great talent from the UK through the show and learning how the design industry is across the ocean from Sarah’s life. It’s just really fantastic, usually fun of laughs, and always so well put together.

Joy The Baker Podcast

I’ve talked about my love for the Joy The Baker podcast before but it’s still so much fun! Food bloggers Joy from Joy the Baker and Tracy from Shutterbean chat about everything and anything. The podcast is entertaining because it’s just two friends chatting about life and it could easily be me chatting with any of my blog friends. They never fail to make me laugh and it’s just a good podcast to take a break from all of the business and design podcasts I intake.

Shop Talk

If you want to listen to design news while laughing hysterically, Shop Talk is the podcast for you. I’ve been following Chris Coyier since I joined Twitter and Paravel‘s work was enough to sell me on Dave Rupert. Front-end development is a big part of my business, and I enjoy listening to the ins-and-outs and best practices of the community. I’ve already learned so much about the people who make big decisions, what’s going on with the W3C, and how other agencies and freelancers work. Mostly, what I’ve learned from Shop Talk is to just build websites and there is always #hotdrama in the design industry. It’s a great podcasts for designers and developers, no matter what your skill level is.

If you’re looking for more podcast recommendations, Liz posted a great roundup last week.

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What are your favorite podcasts? I’m always looking for new podcasts to listen to so share them in the links below!

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  1. Oh, I can’t wait to give them a try! I used to have a podcast several years ago (had about 3 podcasts, actually). It’s so much fun! I have been thinking about adding it to my business or blog. But it is a lot of work… not sure I can manage it now.
    Thanks again, lady!!!

    • I would love to hear more about your podcast! What was it about? I’ve been flirting with the idea of starting one but my voice is awful lol. Maybe I can get a voice actress to do it for me. 😛

  2. Ooh these podcasts seem way cool! I’ve always leaned away from them in general because I often thought they were boring. But you’ve got me changing my mind! I ought to tune in to one of these. Thank you for the recommendations! Wishing you a lovely day!

  3. For some reason I can’t concentrate when I’m listening music, I start dancing, singing and things like that ha ha, but I do love podcasts about creative business and things like that! These are amazing, just what I was looking for, thanks 🙂

    • I love listening to music but nothing has been inspiring to me in a while so I just go back to listening to educational, fun podcasts lol. Thank you Elba!

  4. These sound awesome – I’ve only ever heard of Joy the Baker before, so I can’t wait to check ’em out! One I’ve been loving that you might be interested in as well is Todd Henry’s Accidental Creative podcast – he interviews really interesting people and talks all about creativity. Thanks for sharing these! 🙂

  5. My husband is really into podcasts. His loves anything from 5by5 and Roderick on the Line. My two favourites are from NPR: Pop Culture Happy Hour and All Songs Considered. This is a lovely list. I’ll definitely be checking them out!

  6. I tend to stay away from podcasts since I’m always working and need to focus my time elsewhere without getting distracted. After reading your list, I think I’m going to dip my toes into the podcast world again! I’ve heard great things about Welcome to Night Vale, which is a podcast about a fictional town. It’s pretty entertaining although I’ve only listened to the first episode.

  7. i had no idea that joy the baker had a podcast?! anyway, these all sound great and i will have to check them out. i personally love story-telling podcasts like This American Life, RadioLab, and The Moth. they are great for road trips and plane rides!

  8. This is an awesome list. Much less trouble to get into if I’m not watching an epilepsy inducing Bey video at work. And definitely less distracting than my Hulu Plus subscription, lol. Let the design talk begin!

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