3 Secrets to Your Breakthrough

Today, I’m sharing this space with Brittany of Swell Studios. Brittany has been kind enough to post here before and she’s all kinds of amazing. Her design studio has grown so much in the past year alone and she’s one of my go-to’s to find out what’s still happening in my hometown of Atlanta. Thank you so much Brittany for your post!

3 Secrets To Your Breakthrough

How do you push through when you feel exhausted and worn out? How do you find time for ‘you’ when your to-do list is out-the-door (which it always is)? How do you dream new dreams when you are overwhelmed? Here are 3 things have helped me breakthrough so I can take my career to a new level.

My 3 secrets to your breakthrough:

First word of advice, take a deep breath! If you are reading this now and you are agreeing with everything I am saying….take that breath now! As dumb as it sounds, it actually helps 🙂

Secondly, write it out. This helps me a lot. Don’t write out your to-do list again, put to paper what you are feeling. Or if you want, tell someone around you. I am a very personal person – so I have an easier time writing down my thoughts. I do this because, instantly I feel better. I re-read what I just wrote and can hear myself say, “Its all good – its not that bad!’ Whatever the outlet is for you, do it. Don’t let it fester inside or you’ll just get bitter, ruin relationships, get angry and take out feelings onto others.

And finally, have some “me” time. The more and more I get older, the more I appreciate that statement. As a creative/business person its so easy to get so involved in the task or project that we forget to have time for ourself. I was feeling that way this weekend, it was so go go go go go go that I didn’t have a second to relax and think. It’s good to work hard but you gotta play even harder – if not, you will seriously burn out. So you know what I did? I went home and picked up the book that’s been on my nightstand for 2 months and actually started reading! I felt refreshed & rejuvenated! It’s hard to find the “me” time in your day/week/month, but it’s essential! If not, you will hit that nice, shinny, brick wall…and let me tell you it hurts. You are important, so treat yourself like it!

Author: Brittany Sharp

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