Premium Typefaces for Bloggers

Premium Typefaces for Bloggers

Many bloggers I know utilize photo editing software to add graphics to their blogs. With amazing resources like Google Webfonts and Font Squirrel, there usually isn’t a reason for bloggers to get into the world of premium typefaces. Purchasing typefaces can be scary, especially when you find out that some of your favorites can be thousands of dollars. However, there are plenty of places that offer great typefaces for low prices and I hope to encourage you to support type designers by investing in their work!

Benefits of Premium Typefaces

Unlike a few years ago, the days of poorly designed free typefaces are long gone. With pay-as-you-wish type foundries like Lost Type Co-Op, users now have access to beautifully designed typefaces for nothing. So why should you invest in premium typefaces? Most premium typefaces typically include hundreds of glyphs, sometimes including characters found in alphabets of other languages. You can easily see below some of the various variations for Rachele.

Rachele Medium Semi

Many premium typefaces come in opentype formats offer various stylistic alternatives for glyphs. This definitely comes in handy when you want to choose from different styles of the same typeface. Below is the same typeface, Melany Lane, represented with two stylistic alternatives.

Melany Lane

Finding Premium Typefaces

Some of my favorite places to find budget-friendly typefaces are You Work for Them, Creative Market, and MyFonts. You can find really well designed typefaces on sale, especially when they are being introduced. Type designers take a lot of time to develop beautiful glyphs and it’s important to continue to support type foundries by purchasing their work. You will benefit from owning beautiful, classic typefaces and less likely to be using the same typefaces as millions do by using free typefaces. Some of my favorite foundries include Yellow Design Studio, Sudtipos, Hoefler & Frere-Jones, Latinotype, Avondale Type Co., Fenotype, House Industries, and Emily Lime just to name a few. Here are some of my old and new favorites which I thought you might enjoy.

Premium Typefaces

Brandon Text | Emily Lime Pro | Neutraface Slab | Yo Andy | Industry Inc. 

What are some of your favorite premium typefaces?

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    • I definitely thinking going to typeface markets help me a bit because I can see their usage examples. Also seeing the full list of glyphs helps me so much in finding out which typefaces to purcahse.

    • I prefer the thinner weights with my sans-serifs as well but I do love getting a good font family with lots of weights to choose from. It’s easier to brand things with typefaces who have variety.

  1. I purchased my first typeface just a few months ago – and you’re absolutely right, it wasn’t so scary and it was really affordable. Thanks for sharing these wonderful resources 🙂

  2. Nothing more obnoxious than substituting an apostrophe from a similar font type….

    Love your choices and tips here. The Emily handwritten is really cute.

  3. Thanks for this post and your tips. Emily Lime Pro is beautiful.

    I’m obsessed with Creative Market and all the fonts they have available. I love how when you’re a member, you can download certain free items each week. I’ve gotten a beautiful font that way before, but I don’t mind paying their affordable prices either.

  4. Emily Lime Pro is so beautiful!

    Lord knows I have a bad font addiction, my husband thinks I’m insane but I can’t pass up on those beautiful glyphs!

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