21-Day Yoga Challenge

21-Day Yoga Challenge

Happy Monday! I have been extremely happy to partake in this year’s 21-Day Yoga Challenge which starts today, January 9th. As of today, there are 4,492 challengers who will be participating in 21 days of yoga, meditation, and the practice of healthy eating. I have such a hard time with meditation so I’m hoping to gain a lot of mental calmness from this challenge. In honor of this challenge, I will be sharing amazing photographs of inspiring yogis from around the world.

Sundance by Marco De Stabile

Untitled by kris krüg

Hidden Atmospheres by Chantel Beam

Yoga Girl by by ~AllenHwong

Yoga by by ~Yahira87

Bill By milopeng

Lisa Xprocess By milopeng

What are some of your favorite ways to clear your mind?

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  1. I tried to partake in yoga, but geez my knees hate me, so can’t do it. ]= But my favorite way to clear my mind in general, is long walks with my dog in the early mornings.
    Kerri’s latest post: Tea TimeMy Profile

    • It’s so hard to really divulge in yoga with injuries. I have really bad ankles and this week has taken a toll on me but hopefully it gets better. That sounds awesome 🙂

  2. an early morning sunrise + my really cozy robe. Lately, central Florida has been having the most incredible sunrise. The sky looks like it’s actually on fire, it’s been amazing. Those kinds of mornings really help clear the worries away.

    As for the 21 days of yoga, does slipping on a wet floor sending both legs in opposite directions count for day 4 if I’m feeling it the next day?

  3. I think… a few of those pictures are taken at the studio I go to! 🙂 Way before my time, though. 🙂

    How did you do with the challenge? I realize my comment is a few months late.
    Ronni’s latest post: Cray CrayMy Profile

    • Oh that’s awesome! I know, I never really gave an update due to the craziness that is life. I actually did finish! It was a great experience. I learned so much about my body’s abilities and I do yoga on and off regularly. Not everyday but at least once a week!

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