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Welcome back! I know I’ve been absent from the blog. I’ve missed weeks of updates. I never would have thought in a million years I’d be too busy for my blog! Doesn’t that happen to people who have lives? I know I’ve lost readers with my inconsistency; however, I’ve organized my time to include blogging.  I don’t know how I’m going to manage when I’m a full-time student. However, I’ve still been active online and subscribing/reading blogs regularly. I know many of you haven’t received a comment from me in months, but trust me, I’m up to date on everyone’s blog.

Have you ever wondered why other people subscribe to your blog? I know I wonder! At the moment, I currently have forty-five subscribers, at one point I had over eighty. I constantly asked myself why people were regularly reading my site’s updates. I certainly don’t feel that interesting. I didn’t know my posts appealed to the general public. I know it’s not “a lot” on web standards. Most blogs have thousands and thousands of regular readers. However, I know those blog owners wondered at one point, “Why are people reading this?”

According to my Google Dashboard, I’m subscribed to 669 RSS feeds. Of those 669, over seventy are personal blogs that I’ve raved over a few here and here in the past.  So for those wondering how I acquired 669 RSS feeds in my Google Reader, here are a few reasons why I have subscribed to your blog:

I Can Read Your Posts

Let’s all give credit to those people who have grammatically correct blog posts. Honestly, I can’t subscribe to a blog that I struggle to read. English is a difficult language and I’m a bit more lenient to those bloggers who originate from other countries. However, for those bloggers who love to use StIcKy CaPs. ALL CAPS, Random!Punct.uation, bad formatting, horrible grammar, and terrible spelling, I just can’t take their blogs seriously. We all make errors when writing. Nobody’s perfect. However, when an effort isn’t made, I just can’t hit the subscribe button. It’s not the size of the blog that matters either. I’ve redirected my browser away from quite a few “popular” blogs due to terrible grammar. If you have an idea that you can’t get out correctly, there are plenty of freelance writers seeking employment.

You Have Personality

I can be put into the class of bloggers who don’t seem to have much personality. I’m not very funny, charming, or witty. However, I love bloggers who are! Have you ever read a blog and felt as if you knew the blogger for years? I love those blogs! I love those people who just bring out the best in everything they blog about. I guess the most memorable bloggers have the best personalities. Blogging isn’t just writing. Blogging is about you.

Inspiration Station

As a blogger striving to share inspiration with others, I love to be inspired by blogs full of inspiration. I guess this is where the design/wedding blogs that I’m subscribed to come in. Whenever I find myself in a design slump, I spend hours browsing my design RSS feed folder. There are many ways to be inspired, and I love blogs that offer inspiration in every post. Any creative blog offering positive inspiration catches my eye quickly. It is highly likely that I subscribe to a blog featuring inspiration in any form.

You’re Consistent

Even though I’m guilty of it myself, I can’t be bothered subscribing t0 blogs that never update. What’s the point? We all get busy. However, what’s the point of subscribing to a blog that updates three times a year? Why can’t I just visit whenever I get the time? It’s a waste of subscription space, and your blog will be lost amongst the other regularly updated blogs. I love bloggers who have the time to update multiple times a day. They keep me interested in everything they post. I love that they can dedicate their time to become full-time bloggers. It takes a lot (I’m learning) to schedule your blog into your busy life. Consistency of a blog will always keep me reading.

It’s Easier To Be Pleasant Than Angry

I enjoy a few angry posts, but people who are angry about everything are a huge turn-off in life and in blogging. I don’t think I could subscribe to a blog that is constantly complaining about everything. There’s always a bit of pleasantry in every blog that I’m subscribed to. We’re never going to be optimistic 100% of the time; however, if we take the time to share a bit of positivity, it spreads. If I’m having a bad day, I love to read about my fellow bloggers who are doing well. It makes me feel great to see good things happening to other people. I may be odd because I don’t believe in sharing misery. It’s just a lot easier to enjoy a happy blog.

There are plenty of other reasons why I subscribe to blogs. Some blogs just focus on content that I can always enjoy and relate to.  I love design and technology so I’m more likely to subscribe to those types of blogs. Sometimes, I subscribe to blogs about lifestyles that are polar opposite of mines. I love to read about how other people live their lives. It may seem boring to others, but I just enjoy seeing how other’s days are spent. It’s a terrible curiosity of mines. There are plenty of reasons why anyone would read your blog, so if you don’t have any RSS readers, don’t worry. Someone out there is searching for your blog!

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  1. Hey Angel! I hope everything is going well with you.
    I agree with all of the points that you made, especially the one about bringing happiness to your blog posts. ^^ By the way, I admire the way you tie in your personal life with different tips and resources.

  2. I actually don’t subscribe to any… No idea why I havn’t used RSS feeds.. But the reason I go BACK to blogs is usually because no matter what the topic of the blog is it is well written. The person writes in a way that catches my attention. 🙂 Writing style I guess you could say.
    Now I’m gonna go see about RSS feeds. lol. 🙂
    .-= Becca´s last blog ..Welcome to the World =-.

  3. Great post! For the most part, I look for consistency also. I love to subscribe to very well organized blogs. This may sound kind of weird but sometimes when I see that a person has not put much effort into the way their blog looks, I won’t even read it. I don’t even care if it’s just a simple template, is it neat? Those are the kinds of things that I look for. Sometimes sloppy blogs consist of sloppy blog posts with all types of errors and crap that I don’t have time to decipher. There are some people who update all day everyday about absolutely nothing important. “Hi everyone, I watered the plants today.” – end of post – *2 hrs later* “OMGZ! The cat peed on my slipper hahaha.” While some of this is funny and/or cute, there isn’t a reason to update that much about meaningless things.

    I have noticed that as I’ve gotten older on the blogging scene, bloggers are coming in very young. There aren’t many people that I can relate to anymore.
    .-= Shannon´s last blog ..It’s Only A Theory. =-.

  4. As far as subscribing to blogs, I don’t really do that much. I usually just subscribe to designer blogs, the ones that offer resources. I never really though of subscribing to any other kind of personal type blog. Maybe I should! It would help me with keeping up with some of my online friends, which I have a bad habit of missing out on their new posts =
    .-= Alexa´s last blog ..Shyness =-.

  5. Hey love the new layout! I agree with you wholeheartedly about the whole blogging thing. If you go to a blog and it feels like you’ve known this person for a long time you’re bound to come back. I’m sorry if I’m such a bad blogger. I don’t have anything interesting to say. Probably because I don’t go anywhere. Well; except to see my pyschiatrist and doctor. But meh. I totally get what you’re saying.
    .-= Jamie´s last blog ..I guess I thought wrong =-.

  6. I couldn’t agree with this post more. When I read a blog, I want to be drawn in by it’s authenticity. I want to be able to relate to the blogger/writer and be able to empathize with them based solely on their words. After I read a blog, I want to feel the same emotion that the blogger is trying to convey with words. It’s hard to find that today because it seems like everyone is blogging for comments and hits to their site. I can honestly care less. I blog to vent, to inspire, to express my thoughts and my feelings and if one happens to wander to my site and leave a comment, the gesture is appreciated but that is definitely not my purpose.
    .-= Carla´s last blog ..World AIDS Day – Get in the Know! =-.

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