Sick Days

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The past few days have been extremely busy with little resting time. I guess that’s starting to catch up with us because we’ve been feeling a little under the weather in my home. Yesterday was definitely a day of tea, naps, and kitty cuddles. What makes you feel better when you’re not feeling too great?

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  1. Ooh, naps & tea definitely helps soothe me as well. I’m sipping tea right now, it’s been a very long & tiresome day… and the tea differently brings on comfort!

    Hope you start to feel better!
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  2. […] The lack of posts are within good reason. While everyone is jetting off and enjoying Alt Summit, I’ve been spending my days in bed with various mugs of tea, a cat who has been traumatized by my sneezing efforts, and a head full of sinus pressure. I know the sniffles started on Sunday and I was out for the count by Monday night. It’s Friday and I’m beginning to think it’s only getting worse. I know it will get better but the thought of spending another day in bed is overwhelming for someone who is busy nineteen hours a day. So in lieu of my whining and sleeping, one of my best friends launched her blog (One of my favorite branding projects of last year) and posted a great list of life’s little reminders she uses in her life. So this weekend, as I feel hopefully continue to heal, I will work on seeking out the good and transforming negatives. It’s what I owe myself after over a year of crazy nineteen hour days. Perhaps this is just my body’s way of taking a vacation. Have a great weekend! […]

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