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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. It has been almost 41 years that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. Dr. King was killed on my birthday, April 4th. Every year around this time there’s biography documentaries on television. It’s one of my favorite times of the year to be informed and inspired. It seems every year I learn something new about what this man has done for this country.

I don’t have time to quote Wikipedia to inform you. I’m simply stating how inspired I am by this man and his life. He certainly was not perfect. Nobody on this earth is perfect. It always amuses me how many people try to find fault in him. Nobody said he was God. I personally celebrate his life for  the amazing ability he had to give people hope.

The statement “I have a dream” meant nothing before Dr. King said it. One man had the ability to have the attention of an entire nation. This man inspires me. Everything about his life inspires me. He was dedicated to change the view of a nation. The entire Civil Rights Movement was not just about black and white. Hundreds of activists dedicated their lives to open the eyes of an entire country.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.Imagine living in the 60s, in Birmingham, Alabama when your governor wanted to keep you in social bondage. A place that was nicknamed Bombingham. There are still many places in the world today that deal with these socially repressing conditions. There are many people who are not free. This world has not reached the promised land; but thanks to Dr.King we have the vision.

I love being able to live in a country where I can take an entire day to reflect on the life of such a great national hero. His life may be over on this earth but it will forever live in the heart of this country.

“When people get caught up with that which is right and they are willing to sacrifice for it, there is no stopping point short of victory.”
– Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I’ve Been to the Mountaintop (1968)

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  1. Hey! The new layout turned out great. :hehe:
    R.I.P. MLK, it would have been cool if he could have lived to see Obama being elected.

    ~ Happy MLK day!

  2. He will definitely live on in our lives. He would be very proud to see what this country has become with President-Elect Obama becoming the first African American President. 🙂

  3. It’s amazing what one person can do to millions of people, ALL AT ONCE. To this day, I marvel at people like Dr. King, Kennedy and now Obama. All people who just wanted life for individuals to be a better place. If it wasn’t the change these men sought for that came, like you said the hope is there. I will and always believe that the Promise Land will come. One day.

    RIP Dr. King (Jr) 🙂

    Jays last blog post..Maybe It’s A Facade, Maybe Not

  4. I will fess up. I don’t celebrate these days as I should. I treat them just as I do any other day. After reading this I realized that I’m so lucky and blessed that I can sit here and almost not have a care in the world. I don’t have to worry about where I can and cannot go. And what i can and cannot be. So this blk histry mnth im goin to give these heroes the credit they deserve because they deserve it.

    Nigels last blog post..Utada

  5. Ahh, Dr, Martin Luther King Jr. A personal hero of mine… Even though I’m not an American, I just love to listen to his speeches over and over again!

    It’s just amazing how one man’s work affects people in an unforgettable way! But mostly, I love the fact that his “Dream” didn’t only represent the blacks and whites, but much much more… Basically any race can understand and agree with his work!

    Thanks for sharing, peace.

    Ninas last blog post..What’s the square root of eleventy?

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