How To Make A Moodboard

I’m so excited to have Hannah of Not Very Obsessed on the blog today. She’s covering some quick tips on how to make a moodboard, something that has become a huge part of my branding process. Hannah is a wonderful blogger who shares some great insight on her blog and I hope you enjoy this post!

How To Make A Moodboard

  1. Pick a theme or reason for creating it. For example, for your brand or for fun.
  2. Collect the images. I collect my images from Pinterest, although you could create a real pin board to reflect the aesthetic you want to give or just use images off the internet.
  3. Pick the most important images that reflect your theme the best.
  4. Choose a programme to make your moodboard in. For example, you could use Photoshop or PicMonkey. You can check out my tutorials for using PicMonkey on my blog if you want too.
  5. Add the images into the programme you have chosen.
  6. Change the layout, mix about the images.
  7. Add in a few colours that reflect the colours in your images. To do this I use this programme to get the exact colours I’ve found in the image.
  8. Check that it looks perfect, reflects the theme and can be interpreted into a brand or design if needed.



For More Inspiration

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  1. R&D and mood boards are usually my favorite parts about starting a new project. There’s something refreshing about finding new inspiration.

    • I completely agree, I love being able to search through new images and discover more inspiration. I also love the new theme and feel created by every new project that always starts with a mood board.

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