Links.I.Love – 08.26.2009

I’m sorry for not blogging as much as I should! I’m trying. I’m just a bit busy. I have a few topics on hand; but I’m trying to get my business-self situated. I’ve collected plenty of useful links on my Delicious account so I though it was time to share again. I’m actually updating for the first time via Windows Live Writer. I downloaded it to test out updating from my Desktop. I’m a sucker for nifty applications that make my life easier. Although I love Windows, some of their applications aren’t so nifty; however, Windows Live Writer is appearing to be pretty awesome. I’ll do a complete review post on it sometime today. Here’s a list of links that I’ve found helpful in the past few days!

  So I know some of you have been wondering what’s the difference between the upcoming Windows 7 and Windows Vista.  If you haven’t, I surely have. I have no doubts about updating from Vista to 7, however here’s a list of 18  Cool Things You Can Do In Windows 7 That You Can’t Do In Vista.

If you follow me on Tumblr, you may have seen me post these pictures from this gorgeous soda-shop wedding photo shoot. I wanted to do a separate post about them; but I’m not sure if any of you are really interested in wedding photos.

  Gotta love a free font post. So here’s 65 free fonts for you to use.

I’m a goal-oriented person so tips on setting goals always catch my eye. If you’ve been having trouble setting goals, you may want to try setting them the SMART way.

An encyclopedia for typefaces? They had me at hello. Visit Typedia. It’s a typography-lover’s must.

As a Nokia fan, I’m pretty interested to see where they’re headed with their Nokia Booklet 3G, the first Nokia laptop.

  Wondering where I heard about Windows Live Writer? Web Design Depot wrote a wonderful post about 20+ Useful Blog Editors. So if you’re not a fan of Windows Live Writer, there’s an alternative desktop blog editor for you.

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