Let’s Talk Business: Prioritization

Let's Talk Business: Prioritization

I thought I’d kick off coming back to the blog by starting a new blog series, Let’s Talk Business. I needed some way to start discussing things I’m learning/encountering during this process of running a business full-time. So in this series, I’ll be covering everything from the bad decisions I’ve made, the good ones, the things I think work best for me, and everything in between.

Today’s topic on prioritization is definitely a result of the abrupt blog break I recently took. I’d like to say that after a week, I’m completely caught up and organized but the truth is, I’m still catching up. Blogging has been very important to me, especially in the past year as an outlet to meet some amazing people. However, when you own a business and things get busy, you really have to take a look at the things you’re dedicating your time to. I was actively blogging five times a week, up until January which has dwindled down to about three to four times a week. I’m going to share a few tips on what I’m doing to resurrect my blog while making sure my clients and projects are priority.

When Your Business Isn’t Your Blog

While I do blog about my business, I’m currently not making any income from this blog. This blog is the key referrer to my Etsy shop but due to my branding and creative strategy firm being priority, my Etsy shop has also take a back seat. If your blog isn’t a key factor in your business’s referrals or your income source, consider letting your blog take a bit of a back seat. If you love making connections and sharing thoughts like I do, it won’t be easy, but it comes to a point where your business becomes your priority.

Analyze and Prioritize Your Blog’s Content

Once you get to a point where you know you’ll dedicate less time to your blog, take some time to see what you can cut. Take a small amount of time to look over your blog’s analytics and see what isn’t helpful. If you don’t really enjoy a blog series or a regular feature, consider axing it. Re-prioritize your content to what fits your blog’s message. You’d be surprised at the things you’re not really interested in blogging about when your time is limited.


Taking a few hours on the weekend to automate as much of your blog’s content can be a life saver. It’s sort of a common theme in blog management posts but it really helps you stay on top of things. Playing catch up with your blog is pretty irritating. Staying on top of your newsletters and blog posts makes a world of a difference for the busy business owner.

Quality Over Quantity

At the end of the day, it’s still important to focus on the quality of your blog’s content. If you only have one great post a week, it still trumps five semi-good ones. I’ve really been unhappy with some of my content for some time.  Having less time to really focus in on what I’m putting out has been so beneficial. My blogging schedule is full of a better content while still keeping this blog’s brand in focus. Just think of the quality of your posts and blogging relationships and keep that as priority.

Community is Key

If you don’t have time any more to comment on blogs as often, try to reach out to your favorite bloggers via social media or e-mail just to say you’re still listening. Lately, I haven’t really been able to spend time reading and commenting but I am still reading as much as possible. Blogging is a lot of work so keep your community engaged in small ways as often as you can. Also, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for a guest post or two to keep your involvement levels down. Your blog community is important so don’t let it die out!

Do you have any tips on blog prioritization?


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  1. I agree with so much of what you’ve written here! For me, the quality over quantity thing is key – that’s my blogging mantra, and what I remind myself every time I feel myself lamenting not posting more often. Is much rather read (and publish) great stuff less frequent rather than racing and pushing out lower quality work. Plus we’re all busy as it is, no need to flood other busy folks with content!

  2. Welcome back & great post. As of lately, my blog has taken a back seat. I’ve met some really awesome people through it, but it’s not necessarily bringing me in income — but it is helping bring people over to my Etsy shop, so I still see the perks in having it.

    I’ve had to take an unexpected abrupt blog break, but after being a way for a few weeks I’ve been really refocusing on what I’m really trying to do with my blog which inevitably led to a rebrand which is happening behind the scenes.

    Eventually I’ll get this blogging thing down, but right now building my business is my #1 priority.

  3. Great tips! It’s so easy for me to get hung up on my blog and making sure I’m posting often, but I always have to remind myself that my blog isn’t my business. Sure, it is a key component of my business so I can’t let it just die, but I don’t have to be so attached to it as a full time blogger would. My business and sanity come first!

  4. Great post! One of your points was to consider taking a break from your blog if it isn’t a source of income for you. What if the goal of your blog is to eventually generate (some) income? Would you still suggest the break?

    • Hi Shannon! I think if the blog isn’t your primary source of income and you’re overwhelmed, I would still take a short break. Be sure to do this during a time in between advertisers (if you have any) and be sure to just automate your social media by still keeping your old blog content refreshed.

  5. We are on the same wave length today! I am finding that creating better content and posting less is the way to go. Plus it relieves any pressure I have put on myself to post even when I don’t feel like it or having other pressing matters to attend to. Prioritizing has become my best friend as of late!

  6. Hi Angel. Thank you HEAPS for sharing this post. I’m quite a starter in blogging so reading this way before things go out of hand could be a big, big help. I do value quality over quantity now. I used to have one of those semi-good posts written everyday but now I am trying to condense it into one post a week. There is indeed lesser strain and I’m also much happier about it. Now, to learn more about prioritizing (it’s my waterloo). 😀

  7. Love this series idea! I’m looking forward to seeing what else you have to share! I think it can be hard with finding the right balance in blogging. I struggle all the time to have anything done in advance, my dream is to be one of those bloggers who has posts all written and ready to go 🙂

  8. Thanks for this post! I get super overwhelmed at times with my Masters, wedding planning and blogging, but I enjoy it so much I don’t want to stop! Thanks for the helpful tips 🙂

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