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Studio 404 - 5 Weird Facts About Me

Because I’m still feeling awful and Latrina tagged me a week or so ago, I decided this was a perfect Friday post. Forgive me friends! I’ve been trying to read as many blogs and comment but it’s hard to do. No excuses in life but I’m trying! This week I got so many exciting emails in my inbox and I’m participating in so many fun things so I’m extremely grateful for that. I guess I can expand on the five thoughts above.

1. If all else fails, I think about going into fitness constantly! I was involved in volleyball, basketball, competition cheerleading, and track when I was younger so I became completely athletic for some odd reason. After I moved and got married, I couldn’t find any health outlets and I took up an extremely unhealthy lifestyle. Two years ago, with the aid of my best friend, we both embarked on a health journey and spent anywhere from 8-10 hours in the gym. It wouldn’t be anything for us to take three hour-long classes back to back. Now that I’m too busy, I miss spending hours on end working out in group fitness. So if this design thing fails, I’ll totally get certified in a Les Mills program or perhaps Zumba or Doonya or something.

2. When you live in a town that’s only 17 years old, you feel old. Anytime I see anything related to the founder’s day, I want to cry. It’s like finding out your baby cousin can legally drive or buy alcohol. The twenty-something struggle.

3. I wasn’t even a huge fan of Linkin Park when we decided to name Chester, the gecko. My uncle and grandfather were in the appliances business and one evening, as a joke, my uncle came home with a gecko some family didn’t want. Not willing to sell the poor thing, we decided to take Chester in (as far as my grandmother would let us). No one in my family enjoyed having him around, especially my aunt who is terrified of all reptiles. Chester lived a few years with us and we had a great time having a pet around. Also, my sister will be twenty in nine days. See #2 for how I feel about that.

4. SAT scores are worthless when you’re not in high school. I’ve never had below a 3.5 GPA and I scored really well on my SATs. Even though I was home-schooled, I attended a private school sophomore year and was second in my class by .02 points.  I ended sophomore year with a 3.97 and the other student, who later graduated valedictorian, ended with a 3.99. I was a super nerd, on track to be a neurologist, and somehow I ended up in a different state, degree-less, and contemplating fitness for a living. My mother probably cries at night. However, I love what I do and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

5. I really don’t like E.T. or robots in general. As a 90s kid, you are sort of forced into people trying to teach you that E.T. was loveable and adorable. It didn’t help that my mother insisted on milking her crying kid for all it worth (thanks mom). I STILL get teased about it and I thought my irrational fear was over until visiting a friend a year ago with an E.T. statue in her home. Not only was it new teasing ammo from my friends who had no clue but it made lunch very awkward for me. I would have been Elliot’s friend if it kept Steven Spielberg from making that movie. Don’t judge me!

Do you have any weird unusual facts about you? Feel free to do a post of your own or post them here in the comments!

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  1. Oh man, I totally understand what you mean about SAT scores. The only time this has come up for me since leaving high school was last year when I was (somewhat misguidedly) applying for consulting jobs. Interestingly enough, these guys didn’t so much care about my current GPA – they didn’t even ask! But SAT scores were big on their list. Go figure, eh?

    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. This is a cute list! I was such the nerd athlete in high school. 4.0 GPA involved in track, cross country and gymnastics. I was on track to being a pharmacist. Somehow there was a fork in the road that lead me to this design industry. Best thing that could have happened to me.

    And you fear robots, I’m petrified of balloons. It’s not the actual balloon that scares me, I just don’t want it to pop. The popping sound of a balloon scares the ish out me lol!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Hey! I was homeschooled too. I never actually took the SAT, though I took a practice one. I did pretty well ace my GED, though I think that was probably a lot easier than the SAT.
    I also dig working out and being active, though I don’t think I’ve done anything as intense as it sounds like you used to! Wow!

    I have a list of random things about me, if you’re bored and want to check it out! http://www.erineflynn.com/10-things-you-dont-know-about-me/

  4. Really cute post. Funny bc I am not a fan of E.T., aliens or any other sci-fi creature. Creeps me out! Those SAT scores are the business, lol. I try not to think about or remember my scores, lol!

  5. These were so funny! I really loved the post. You’re quite an athlete! And fear of E.T.? Seriously? Although those E.T. shows on Bio and episodes on Paranormal Witness are scary! 🙂

    • haha he was so not cute and friendly to me. I love watching those shows though 😉 I can get through most horror films easily but ET and I’m a five year old all over again.

  6. Love learning these random facts about you, Angel!! You are too funny – your town is only 17 years old?! How interesting!! Oh, and I’m totally bummed about the SAT thing – I studied SO hard for that! Of course to get into college…but then it sort of drops off the face of the earth. lol!

  7. #1 is just another thing we have in common, just last week I was thinking… “Maybe I should have just studied Fitness & Nurtrition and done something in that field”. I was off my routine for a bit but busy or not I finally got back into over the past year, especially the last 3 months. I go to the gym for an hour and a half to two hours 5 to 6 days a week (weight lifting, cardio, yoga, cycle classes) and take two classes back to back every Friday morning. Once it warms up again I also plan on getting back to running outside. I just feel SO much better when I exercise regularly and I’m just not a quick workout person; the longer I’m there the better I feel. 🙂

  8. I cannot believe I forgot who ET was until I read your answer lol. I was also into cheer-leading and basketball. I STILL love BB! My brothers had 2 iguanas my mom named then Adam and Eve and somehow they ended up in my room. I hated the smell and them ugh.

    Btw I do not think I ever have known a new city. Which one are you in?

  9. Oh wow living in a town that is 17 years old must be pretty weird! I live in the “youngest” of all of my previous cities/towns now, but I’m pretty sure it’s still 100 years or so. 🙂 And don’t feel old, you’re not haha

  10. I love reading random facts about people! Your SAT score totally reminded me that it used to be out of 1600. My year it changed to be out of 2400 (or something). Just another thing to make you feel old, lol 🙂

    And ET is just plain creepy.

  11. These are so fun, I love learning more about bloggers! I think I may be be the exact opposite of you in the robots department…I was and still am obsessed with them (my big nerdy streak). And I definitely think anyone would feel old living in a town that’s been around less than them!

    • Robots can be pretty cool! We actually saw a lot of them behind the scenes when I worked at Disney and while I was freaked out, I totally appreciated the science behind them.

  12. I’ve only ever visited Florida once and since then I’ve always wanted to live in Celebration! Is it really a lovely place to live?

  13. Loved this, Angel!! So happy to read your weird facts about you. 🙂 And I must say — OMG!! Some else who understands my fear of E.T. Eeeeeek, he creeps me out so bad! I remember the first time watching it when I was about 5, holy crap, I had nightmares and trouble sleeping for years. 😐 Family and friends don’t understand it.. and really, neither do I, lol. He’s not like terrifying looking or anything, I dunno… he just gives me the creeps. I even have to look away during movies when they have that little ET logo thing going on in the start of the film. 🙁

    So happy to know I’m not the only one, lol.

    And wow! You’re brilliant, girl. I wish I made more attention in high school. I don’t think I got interested in learning until college.. and now, I am just obsessed with reading and studying. 🙂

    • SEE! There are so many fellow ET-dislikers in this thread. I’ve been sharing it all with my family lol. I’m still so obsessed with reading and studying. I study the most random things just to keep my brain occupied.

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