Top Ten Things I Learned About Co-Habitation

I was reading one of my favorite blogs when I saw there was a post about the “Top Ten Things I Learned About Co-Habitation.” Granted, I’ve always lived with others my entire life. However, the past year of living with my husband has taught me quite a lot about living with the young adult male. I’m so glad I found this list. I’ll touch basis on the ones that hit my co-habitation learning experience on the nail. Visit the article for the full list.

1.) The toilet paper usage formula. 1 sixteen pack of toilet paper will last a single person with one bathroom upwards of four months. 1 sixteen pack of toilet paper will last two people, with two bathrooms the blink of an eye. I can not count how many times I’ve had to do the awkward waddle over to the cabinet only to find that we were completely out of toilet paper. This may be the most irritating thing in the universe.

I’m the toilet paper abuser. I was just opening a new roll a few minutes ago. LOL I don’t think he’s quite accustomed to my toilet paper usage.

2) Meal times are weird when one person is indecisive and another one has a mutant ability to exist for days without food (coughtheboyforgetstoeatcough). If we haven’t decided what to have for dinner by six o’clock, it’s a free for all. Hence I’ve had meals made up of noodles and applesauce, cereal and cookies, and an entire jar of pickles.

My husband eats late at night, and eats in strange patterns. I don’t know if all men are like that, but I eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I even have an occasional cookie here and there. It just seems like he never eats? Perhaps, I’m always asleep when he’s eating. We do eat together a lot more since we’ve been married though.

5) Sometimes, all you need to do is ask. In relation to chores, wants, desires, etc. Just ask.

It took me a while to learn that…

6) Date nights are essential. Dates nights outside the house. With “going out clothes”. And a sit down destination. And booze. Gotta have the booze.

Yes, without the booze though. I’m good.

7) The moments you love the most are the moments you’d never expect. Like trying desperately to keep your feet from being unmericilessly tickled during commercial breaks of Glee.

So true!

8.) No one can read your mind. Period. Even when you’re sure that they MUST know that you HATE what when they do that….they probably don’t. Unless you said so. Speak up.

I believe this is said a million times a week.

10) It’s the little things that mean the most. Love grows in the moments of tiny sacrifices and minute kindness. Like splitting the last cookie or traipsing out in the cold to fetch something unimportant from the car.

It’s always the little things that bring us together.

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