Things That Make Me Happy #4

Things That Me Make Happy

I always enjoy making these posts because there’s so much in life to be grateful for. I’ve been trying to look on the bright side of things and so far it’s been working out pretty well for me. Anyway, here’s my list of things that make me happy this week!

Thai Food! <3

heart My favorite Thai restaurant has opened a location closer to me! It makes me happy to save on gas and enjoy something awesome. I’m also looking to move into that area so it’ll be pretty nice to be able to have Thai in walking distance.

Sneak-Peek on the new design

heart I’ve made my mind up on the new site design. I just found an inspiring color palette and took my brain to work. You surely won’t be disappointed. Expect it by the end of August/early September. Fall is for changes!


My Mad Men character

heart I Mad Men’d myself! I thought she was pretty snazzy. I haven’t caught up on Mad Men so this has inspired me to have a weekend-long marathon.

heart Speaking of television shows, I’m currently indulging my free time into this wonderful J-drama, Konkatsu! If you know me, I’m a huge drama addict, especially J-dramas. I’m only on the third episode, but the troubles the main character gets himself into is lol-worthy. Pretty hilarious.

My Save The Date's :)

heart Since I can’t share my invitations with you, I’ll share my STD’s. I sent out my invitations this week to a few friends and have gotten a pretty positive RSVP turnaround. I’m only waiting on two people to respond, but everyone seems pretty excited. There’s only a few weeks left and it’s crunch time. I also found a dress that I’m in love with for a very reasonable price. It isn’t too fancy since this will be a courthouse wedding, but it’s nice enough. Wedding planning is a lot of fun.

Chilling in the library

Certain Girls by Jennifer Weiner

heart I’ve been living here for eight months now, and I’ve never been to the local library. I never heard anything positive about it so I didn’t ask. However, my love for books cannot be tamed. After we wanted a cooler place to work, David and I decided to check out the library. (Also his first time visiting and he’s lived here for four years). I was amazed! It was the library of my dreams, complete with coffee shop. We worked on some things for a few hours, couldn’t do much because their server blocks uploads and a lot of blogs I visit regularly. However I did find a book that my friend recommended. I haven’t read it yet because I tend to read quickly so I’m savoring the fact that I have a new read. I’ll be sure to review it for everyone! I’m still enjoying book recommendations so share if you have any.

Drawings on the whiteboard

heart I can’t tell you how much time I spend playing around on our whiteboard. It’s a designer must. We both leave inspirational quotes, messages, calendar dates, to-do lists. We definitely need a larger one but we’re very content. I love our whiteboard.

Procrastination Station Webcam Pictures

heart Last but not least, I’m spending the entire month of August without blow drying or straightening my hair. This has been hard seeing that I am addicted to my ion flat iron. However my hair loves it and is agreeing with the humidity so far. I can also spend more time trying to analyze what type of hair I have and which products to use on it because it’s been changing texture and color naturally since the summer started.

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  1. ahem.. I was skimming this in my feedreader, and got a little worried when you said “I’ll share my STD’s.” I’m sitting there thinking, that’s just gross!

  2. Angie, I might have to steal this idea from you. It’s a good way to keep a site updated and plus, it gives readers an idea of what they can do to make themselves happy. Ahhh, loves it! Lol.

    Pass some book recommendations my way. I want to become an active reader :).

    OMG. A new theme? THIS I MUST SEE! Pleaseeeee let me know when it’s up. You knkow I get MIA sometimes lol.

    Haha, Save The Date = STD. At first, I thought of Sexually Transmitted Diseases and I was like WOAH, what is going on?!

    OMG. Guess what?? I haven’t flat-ironed or blow dried my hair in a week. I’m trying this natural thing out. I need to google different things to do w/ my hair and what conditioners/mousse to use. If I come across some good stuff, I’ll let you know ♥. Your hair looks pretty straight to me though, idk why you bothered flat-ironing it :P.

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