Things That Make Me Happy #2

Things That Me Make Happy

I haven’t done one of these in a while. The last one I posted was on March 6th. I guess it’s an equivalent to Things I Love Thursday, except I was doing them on Fridays. Hah, I guess I can never keep up with the internet fads. The drama I was talking about only seemed to get worse this week. I’ve been finding plenty of things to be happy about and here’s what I come up with.

heart Taking a nap everyday this week. So I’ve been tired from the amount of stress and drama I’ve had to deal with. So I’ve decided to be lazy and take a nap. Granted, when I didn’t want to nap I ended up taking one anyway. I decided to do less work for my clients and focus on trying to feel better. So far it’s been okay. I’m late for my Friday nap but I guess since I’m going to bed early tonight I can skip it.

heart Tumblr! What can I say? I’ve been addicted to my Tumblr all week. I originally stated that I wouldn’t post the link to my Tumblr on Static-Romance because it’d feel a little to impersonal, but what the hell. I’m nineteen and I’m only getting older everyday. Warning: I post a lot. Follow me on Tumblr! Don’t get mad when you see all of the horrible things I wrote about you. LOL 

heart I don’t know about you guys, but a hug is awesome. You can give me a hug at any time of the day and I’m just fine. I love hugs. I think they’re wonderful.

heart Thank the Lord for Sailor Moon fanfiction. I’ve been reading/writing Sailor Moon fanfiction since I was nine. It’s a habit I can’t break. If I’m going through a rough time, you’ll see me logging onto Fanfiction.Net and reading the longest stories I can find. I’m pretty sure Sailor Moon reached its prime about ten years ago, but I can’t turn away! I’m probably way too old for it. It’s my guilty pleasure and probably will be for the next ten years. Usagi Tsukino and Mamoru Chiba can fall in love ten thousand times and it’ll never get old to me. I’m still a huge kid I guess.

heart I love Saturdays. Saturdays are the best part of my week. I get to go to church, have lunch with my fiance, and watch a movie. I spend the day relaxing. I have nothing stressing me out. I don’t have to worry about people. I don’t log online until the night. It’s just awesome. I get to experience something new every Saturday. Last week, I spend the evening at the pool and playing volleyball with a couple of friends. I got beat up but in the good way. Who knows what I’ll be up to tomorrow?

I guess I’ll have to think of some other things next week becuase I’m having a bit of a headache. Thanks for reading! Happy Friday!

P.S. – I changed my theme back because quite frankly, I hated the other one. I hate pre-made themes. I’ll be putting up my new theme next week.

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  1. I am so sorry to hear that your life is still full of drama and I really hope that it comes to an end soon. As for the list, I agree with almost all of them. I have never read any FanFiction, so I do not know if I like FanFiction. But I am definitely glad that you are finding pleasure in the little things while life is so stressful. 🙂

    Jessicas last blog post..Back to Original Plan

  2. I hope you don’t get too stressed! Keep taking those naps! I love all the images that you’ve put before the things you like, especially the kittens hugging. That’s sooo cute!
    I love I always go on there to read fictions of old TV shows that I miss watching.

    Laurens last blog post..I Want a Remote for Time

  3. Napping? I nap nearly everyday except for weekends. There’s no other way for me to work properly. When I get back home from Uni I’m so exhausted that I can’t keep going, I need to rest before I sit on comp or do some schoolwork. It sucks. I like napping occasionally, but not every other day! 😕

    Sailor Moon? You must be kidding to me! I was ADDICTED in all the meaning when I was six! Maaan, I LOVED that anime! I could have watched it endlessly, I even… uhhh shhh! That shouldn’t be seen publicly! Haha.

    Aurelias last blog post..Better ways

  4. I like your list! 🙂 I especially like the hug picture, hehe, it made me smile! FanFiction is great… I always find it a great way to relax and cheer up. If I get stressed or just need something to take my mind off any drama, it’s off to for me! :p

    Taking a nap is a good idea! But I always find that I don’t sleep properly at night if I’ve had sleep during the day.

  5. Oh my gosh sleep so makes me happy. There’s something about senior year that has me taking naps everyday as soon as I get back from school. I have to take a nap or I’ll be miserable the rest of my day at home. I love naps! Oh and I so love getting hugs. Usually when I’m cranky I get hugs from my male best friend and I feel like 2% better than I was before. Oh and Saturday[or the weekend in genera] is awesome because I get to stay up and sleep in.

    Hopefully you’re feeling okay and if not you should take a nap or maybe get a hug from your fiance.

    Monets last blog post..The little things

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