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After reading this post, Is Digg Sexist?, I was instantly outraged. Being an woman blogger, it’s hard enough to gain respect in the community. Besides being a female blogger, I’m also a web designer. As many successful female web designers out there, it’s still hard to gain respect. On top of all of this, being a black female web designer and blogger, it’s like a triple minority. It’s hard to gain respect or even know what the hell I’m doing half of the time. Every blogger started somewhere, but trying to spread your wings is hard.

I’m obviously not the best designer in the world. I have not had any form of proper education in design programs. I learned CSS from coding Xanga layouts nearly three years ago. I’ve only been working in Photoshop seriously for ten months and Illustrator for two weeks. Before then, I used Corel Paint Shop Pro for about two years. I’ve come a long way in my eyes. If most of the design blogs that are available now were up three years ago, I wouldn’t have struggled for so long. 

Blogging on its own is another story. You have to have a voice. I’d rather not spend my time arguing and bickering with other female bloggers about e-drama. The Internet is big enough for all of us. Why should female bloggers be constantly at war when things like this are going on:

Not surprisingly, given my content, I have felt the wrath of the boys club on This week my piece, “Top Ten Moments of Feminism in 2008” accrued a mere 180 Diggs in a two-day period. As I watched the story climb, I also watched the commentators that Digg is notorious for come out and speak their minds:

Probablysucks: Feminism was never cool.

Cyrusuncc: 11. Making a sammich 12. Ironing my shirt 13. Cooking/Cleaning

alanr19: Feminism. lol. Aww that’s precious. Now get me a beer, and while you’re at it get your milkers out..

Mikbunn: This list just negated all progress women have made in the past year

Please, support and promote other women bloggers. Yes we’re all in competition in one way or another, but at the same time embrace each other. It won’t hurt! 

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  1. Omg what assholes! i wont get started on that..I may write an article about it for my site tho 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration. we all should be inspired by eachother [females i mean] because in the end were kind of “all we got” <3 thanks for commenting on my site ^_^ I <3 makeup so much its scary LOL.

  2. girl I know where your coming from . but us black females need to stick together and show them. but they will never give respect where its needed. oh by the way thanks for stopping by my site. I hope to see you and round and talk to you more….

  3. Sad to say but this is not really surprising…Some guys are still stuck in the old days…I’ll check those bloggers out :biggrin:

  4. Oh wow, how mean. I think those guys are totally ignorant. I just had to laugh at the ignorance of this guy:

    alanr19: Feminism. lol. Aww that’s precious. Now get me a beer, and while you’re at it get your milkers out..

    As a person you don’t have to like something just accept it. Stupid douchebags. The fact that they responded like that just goes to show how threatened they feel, by attempting to assert masculinity. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not a feminist.

    Merry Christmas.

    Solariss last blog post..Yummy!

  5. Rudeness.
    You know what`s most interesting about all that? If those men had daughters who said things like that to them, they`d be outraged.
    I totally agree. Being a female and then of African-American descent on top of all that, that is like double the negativity. Pffft. Haters can only make you greater.

    Brittneys last blog post..Step Up

  6. Hm, I must be surfing net in way different places. I haven’t noticed any of those you mentioned (concerning web designing and blogging). I may have noticed few mean sentences, but it’s nothing really personal or either serious.

    Merry Christmas!

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