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Tea in Bed by By viasydney

The lack of posts are within good reason. While everyone is jetting off and enjoying Alt Summit, I’ve been spending my days in bed with various mugs of tea, a cat who has been traumatized by my sneezing efforts, and a head full of sinus pressure. I know the sniffles started on Sunday and I was out for the count by Monday night. It’s Friday and I’m beginning to think it’s only getting worse. I know it will get better but the thought of spending another day in bed is overwhelming for someone who is busy nineteen hours a day. So in lieu of my whining and sleeping, one of my best friends launched her blog (One of my favorite branding projects of last year) and posted a great list of life’s little reminders she uses in her life. So this weekend, as I feel hopefully continue to heal, I will work on seeking out the good and transforming negatives. It’s what I owe myself after over a year of crazy nineteen hour days. Perhaps this is just my body’s way of taking a vacation. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Oh dear! I am so sorry to hear you haven’t been well all week… but I am really glad that you’re hitting the personal pause button. You can’t afford to not relax after busy 19 hour days. The title of your blog is so perfect for the intentional sacred space you are craving now. You’re doing what we all need more of, making space for rest and then allowing it to happen. Enjoy your quiet time, listen to that inner knowledge, and reconnect to the healing within. Take deep breaths, invite the ease in and, as you said, seek out the good.
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  2. […] It’s not easy but again, I am usually overcome with exhaustion throughout the day. Since I’ve been ill so often this year, I’m thinking of dedicating a space in our place to a comfy sick haven/blanket fort like the […]

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