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I was eleven years-old eight years ago today. I was a month into my middle-school years of seventh grade. I don’t think I understood clearly as much as I should have. I understood hurt and pain. I shed tears a lot that week with classmates who were just as scared as I was. I was scared to fly and to enter large buildings. I was scared of things I heard on the news, but I never turned away for a second. I wanted clear answers to what happened, and to this day I still don’t think there’s been enough clarity. My heart ached watching this video. Please don’t forget what happened on this day. Please don’t forget the lives that were lost, changed, and touched. Things have never been the same since in a way. We can move on, but we can never forget.

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  1. Please forgive me for not commenting on your blog lately. I am definitely behind with Google Reader and will need to catch up this weekend!

    I’m going to admit that I didn’t know about World Trade Center until it happened. I’m a west coast girl and don’t have any relatives in NJ/NY. I remember my mom watching it on the news and it didn’t look that serious from the second I saw it on TV before I ran off to school. Once I got to school, that’s when I realized how serious it was. :-/
    .-= steph anne´s last blog ..A Simple Silhouette Striped Wall =-.

  2. Gosh, I can’t even bring myself to watch that tribute video. I saw a few pictures posted across the blogosphere today and even those had me overly emotional. Even now, 8 years later, it still feels like a dream (or nightmare, I suppose would be a more appropriate word). I just mean that it doesn’t even feel like something like that could even happen, you know? Anyway, I’m babbling.
    .-= Krissy´s last blog ..In Memory Of 8 Years Ago =-.

  3. Yes, it was and still is very tragic! Even us Arabs were completely shocked by the whole thing, I guess all we can do is pray for the souls that were lost on that day…

    Thanks for reminding us of how important this is.
    .-= Nina´s last blog ..Feature: HaneenKrimly.Com =-.

  4. I can’t believe how much time has passed. It feels like it was just yesterday. You know, I still can’t bring myself to watch those videos. I’ve seen enough to last a life time. I had nightmares for the longest time afterward. It’s just as sad today as it was then.
    .-= Lisa Marie´s last blog ..The Beatles: Rock Band =-.

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