Photography: A Day of Celebration

I am thrilled to announce the return of my camera and the ability to take clearer pictures again. I always wanted to share my pictures with my readers here. Friday I spent the day in the little town of Celebration, Florida. I spend most of my time in Celebration meeting colleagues and friends. My husband and I went for a little walk and I decided to get a few shots. The weather was extremely nice, in the 70s and we had a great time. Opinions are always welcome!

The last shot is my favorite, featuring my wonderful husband. What are some of your favorite places to visit and take pictures?

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    • I just have an old Kodak EasyShare camera from about 2007? Yeah it’s pretty old! lol I try to take pictures whenever I go out. You never know what you may find.

  1. I love your photos! For a simple point-and-shoot these are great images. I say if you really want to make your photos better, if your camera has the option, you can shop around for little lens like fisheyes and stuff. On amazon, they don’t cost too much but before I went to school for photography, I put lenses on my camera just to make the pictures look .. nice, lol. Macro lenses are great for flowers if you ever want to indulge in that.

    Philly is beautiful so I enjoy taking pictures wherever I go. This city is full of old building and cobblestone roads and everything like that. Again, great pictures. (:
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