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It seems that it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts. The past few days, I’ve been saving a lot of links on designing and blogging. I’ve decided to share them here with my wonderful readers.

heart As I’ve said recently, I’m a huge fan of the letterpress effect in print and web that’s become so popular. Six Revisions did a wonderful post entitled “Beautiful Examples of Inset Typography in Web Design.” Very inspiring post!

heart Blogging actively, you sometimes wonder about creating a blog content strategy. The best question is how do you develop a blog content strategy? Conversation Agent discusses the details in their must-read article.

heart I’m a big fan of Fuel Your Creativity and all of their sister sites. The interviewed some of the top names in the design industry to discuss how designers work from client contact to design.

heart Your site’s loading time is a “make you or break you” type of thing. I have a 30-second rule. If your site doesn’t load at all in 30 seconds, I will probably leave. Here are some practical web design guides to reduce site load time.

heart I’m actively involving myself in developing WordPress themes and I’m always looking for new ideas. Designer Daily released a list of “10 useful WordPress theme hacks” and I thought it was great. Look forward to a new theme sometime next month here as well.

heart I don’t know if I’ve ever screenshot my bookmarks bar for you, but I have about four bookmarklets. I’m a bit obsessed! Hongkiat decided to feed into my addiction and release “100+ Useful Bookmarklets For Better Productivity.

heart I’m in the process of re-designing Sevenality’s portfolio (expect a sneak-peek tomorrow). I needed inspiration and Vanedelay Design reached into my need by releasing “60+ Helpful Resources for Portfolio Design.” Great portfolio inspiration indeed!

heart As I’m working on Static-Romance’s newest design, I’m searching into finding the correct typefaces I want to use. Noupe released this amazing article, “7 Rules for Mixing Multiple Fonts in Good Web Design.” It goes into great detail about mixing fonts, which I love to do.

heart Freelancers are always looking for a way to gain more work. The Design Cubicle discusses some of the best pratices in the article “10 Ways To Gain More Design Work by Building Trust and Relationships.”

heart So you want a better blog? I think we all want to make our blogs the best we can. Here’s “58 ways to build a better blog.

heart While we’re on the path to making building a better blog, we need to figure out what makes a good blog. 43 Folders discussed the points in a great article.

heart As more browsers are becoming HTML5 compatible, it’s the best time to get HTML5 into practice. Woork released an amazing HTML 5 Visual Cheat Sheet.

heart There’s never enough suggestions to help improve your blog. Here’s a wonderful article, “100 Ways To Improve Your Blog.

heart I know there’s a lot of beginner designers who want to create their own wallpapers. Here’s a great tutorial “How to Design a Texture Based Wallpaper in Photoshop.

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  1. Links.I.Love – Design & Blogging Edition…

    A recap post of some of the best design and blogging articles this week including: tutorials, WordPress theme hacks, web design inspiration, working with clients, portfolio design, and more….

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