Interior Design: Modern Beautiful Bedrooms Part 2

Earlier this week, I posted part one of this series: Modern Beautiful Bedrooms. I got pretty good feedback on it, so I’ll continue to interior design posts. We’re all suckers for good interior design aren’t we? I hope you’re having a pretty good week so far. So I’ll stop talking and finish the showcase!

Ah the beginning of a new post with another Asian-inspired beautiful bedroom. The white against the wooden elements of this headboard allow the pillows to stand out and not get lost in the wood. The embroidery on the throw pillow also add a splash of color to this wonderful room.

What I enjoy the most about this room is that it’s unique. It successfully carries retro elements, such as the curtains and light fixture, along with the romantic element of the fabrics used in the bedding. A beautiful mixture of textures and prints indeed.

Another beautiful chandelier in a gorgeous bedroom! This year, I’ve grown to love the color yellow. As I was younger, I found it repulsive as it was the color of mustard. However, the yellow in this bedroom stands out and in a good way, making this elegant room modern.

This room features so many amazing sources of light. Great lighting and modern lighting is a wonderful edition to any room. The arrangement of the pictures on the wall is wonderful as well. I’m also loving the way the floor contrasts beautifully against the white bedframe.

What’s so amazing about this bedroom is the mixture of patterns without clashing. Many times bedrooms have so may different patterns that they clash. However, this bedroom’s patterns are all in complete sync.

Ah what a gorgeous little bedroom. This bedroom makes a nice usage of space without limiting storage. I love the green in the bedspread and the pattern as well. I also enjoy the chic hat box, serving as a home for the lamp.

Red is a powerful color to use in bedrooms. Red is passionate, angry, royal, and more. Red just knows how to sway emotions. The bed, if alone, would be viewed as plain. However, with the nightstands, dresser, and beautiful Shoji screens, it’s unique beauty is released. I love the color palette for this room.

Shapes are a very important part of any type of design work. This room makes gorgeous usage of its shapes with dramatic lighting and modern elements. Even though the room doesn’t appear to be that large, it’s modern and stylish.

I’d love to wake up every morning in this room! It’s definitely one of my favorites of both posts. I love the orange and pink stripes, and the floral piece as well. It keeps the classic, modern feel with the nice clean white walls. However every little element of this room completes the look. I won’t get into how much I love that orange chair. I love it!

Black and white are a timeless combination. No matter what year it is, black and white used in interior design will never become outdated. I love the black panel headboard, something I haven’t seen much of. The stripes are also classy and modern.

I don’t even know what to say about this room designed by HGTV’s Candice Olsen. I just want to move in.

I’ll end this post with another beautiful room designed by Candice Olsen. I love the artwork/headboard. It’s the defining piece of the room. The light mints create a wonderful mixture for the other earth tones in this room. Every piece in this room is perfect, not a piece is off or clashing, even the smallest little pillow in the chair.

Have a favorite room? Enjoy interior design? Feel free to show your favorite interior designs with us.

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