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Today, I want to share something that has been in the works for quite some time. Earlier this year, I was asked to be a co-author of an all-inclusive blogging guide for bloggers of all levels and niches published by the Bloggers Like Me group. While I contemplated back and forth if I wanted to be a part of something so bigger than myself, I knew it was an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up.

I’m proud to announce that From Blank Space to Blogging Brilliance is available today! I was so honored to contribute to this guide with a chapter on branding, but of course. I think I covered everything from Chipotle to Oprah by using illustrations of great brands and how good branding relates to great blogs.

There are over twenty co-authors in this book which should tell you how amazing this is. There are fashion bloggers, mommy bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, and everyone in between all sharing their insights on what they specialize in and how you can grow your blog to its greatest potential. I’ve been blogging for over nine years and even I l earned something new in this guide.

For today only, you can receive my Bloom print for free when you purchase a copy of From Blank Space to Blogging Brilliance.

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My name is Angel Yarde. I am a designer, front-end developer, and speaker. I am the editor and designer of Studio 404 whic was founded in December 2006. In January 2014, I launched Studio 404 Paper, a paper shop which includes type-focused greeting cards, note cards, and prints. I currently reside in Celebration, Florida where I co-own a branding strategy studio, Sevenality, with my husband.
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  1. 9 years of blogging experience has been put to good use then! This seems like a really great resource for bloggers, Angel. Blogging is such an important part of building business and community!

  2. Congratulations on the launch! 🙂 I think it’s great that so many people from different ‘categories’ all chimed in. I’m a huge fan of blogging tips/advice but I would be curious to see thoughts from different kinds of bloggers!

    • Thank you so much Ashley! It’s been so great to read about everyone’s different experiences and apply different tips and tricks that work for us!

  3. I might have to buy this with my next paycheck. Congrats on the launch!! Your posts are so helpful and I’m sure this book is no different!

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