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Hey friends! I’ve been swamped this month, as per usual. I’ve been trying to survive through this crazy Floridian winter where the temperatures range from 50-85 in a week. There have been lots of sniffles, sick toddler moments, essential oils, and hot tea. I have been attending some fun events, recording podcasts, connecting with creative ladies, and trying new things. I usually try to keep things as interactive in my own comfort zone which means not being as active in this space. Primarily, because like a lot of you, I’m not sure what blogging even is right now.

The blog space I share with my peers seems to be saturated with things that, while can be beneficial for so many people, offer no space for genuine connection. I refuse to accept that the days of connecting with other creatives is gone because of a loss of identity. I truly believe there are amazing creative people who are just doing good work and being themselves. I’m trying to make this space a reflection of my life outside of the blog where I’m chasing down women who are just thriving in their authenticity.

It is completely possible to be successful without following a format or using a formula to emulate someone else’s success. Today I want to talk about finding your authenticity and blossoming by being you. I want to break the myths of what you have to do and show you how to do what you want to do. Let’s embrace our uniqueness and thrive.

Advice Can Only Go So Far

We’re in a space where you can find so many resources to build your blog, business, and creative life. You have e-books, e-courses, challenges, groups, chats, and so many resources. Resources are helpful tools to help guide you to create. They are in no shape or form a 100% proven methodology for making something work. If we treat the amazing tools and resources less like IKEA instructions and more like addenda then we can continue to remain true to ourselves and our values. Here are some ways to use resources without losing your authenticity:

  • Choose Your Resources Carefully. The best way to know if something is going to be beneficial for you is if the creator is encouraging you to continue to be your own person. We can all improve by reading and learning something but we cannot be anything other than ourselves. Some things take work and time and there is nothing wrong with going on that journey.
  • Business Isn’t One Size Fit All. If you’re going into business or blogging thinking that one thing works for everyone you’re going to be let down. Using one style of design, one platform, and one method is not the key to success. The key to success is using what you have to create something that can’t be found anywhere else.
  • Every Creator Has Their Own Story. Be sure to just do your homework on the people behind the resources. Something being popular does not mean it will be helpful for you. Seek out industry leaders by their stories, personalities, and their journey. Spoiler alert: that requires research that doesn’t have anything to do with reading testimonials.

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You Are Invaluable

Did you know that you are amazing? Your personality, your story, your journey is invaluable. Why would you want to jeopardize that all in the name of success? We are told to be unique and create good work. When do we decide that just doing the work is not enough? Showing up and sharing your story can get you farther long-term. Let’s talk about ways to embrace you:

  • Success Varies. Did you know that success comes in many different shapes or forms? Why are we measuring success by someone else’s standards? Are pageviews, interactions, or followers an indication of how much a person or their work is worth? Do you really think Picasso would have been trending on Twitter?  Stop following any formula that says you need this number of that to be a success. Success is relative.
  • Following Your Path. I talk a lot about journeys because being a creative is a never-ending journey of finding yourself. You never are set in your ways and you are always evolving. That’s exciting. That’s something that cannot be replicated or imitated. Embracing your craft is all about embracing the journey, not someone else’s.

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Understanding Authenticity

We’re in a time and place where it’s easy to mistake transparency for authenticity. You can be completely transparent about everything you do without having any part of yourself being involved. I can tell you everything I did to get where I am and what I am doing, but if none if it involves my values or personality, what does it matter? I legitimately could not care less about how much money you’re making doing something. I want to know why you’re doing it, why it brings you joy, how you find joy in creating, and what you’re learning by doing what you do. I cannot recreate what you do and achieve the same results if I am being myself while doing it. Accepting that is why authenticity matters. If I can’t thrive on my own and using my own ideas, I may not be in the right space or I’m not finding the audience who will enjoy what I’m doing.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with admiring someone’s journey and their hustle. There are so many amazing creatives that I admire. I would love to have an inch of talent that some others have but I know that I have to continue to put in the work. The challenge of being a creative is that it’s a never-ending journey of growth and change. You’re never really in one space and you’re always seeking new challenges. However, making genuine connections and experiences is something that cannot be done without being yourself. Never stop learning because knowledge is how you grow but know that some knowledge cannot be taught.

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How are you embracing your authenticity?

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