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Blog Features to Know

As the last post on my favorite features went so well, I decided to showcase a few more that I’ve been enjoying.  I really believe in reading blogs which helps me understand and appreciate the time other bloggers put into their blogs. Coming up with new feature ideas isn’t easy, and in the past month I’ve launched a couple which I hope are well received. Posts sharing features are a very small token of my gratitude towards bloggers for doing what they do best and I hope you guys find some new fun blogs in the process.

My Paradissi – Etsy Mix

Etsy Mix - My Paradiss

I know quite a few blogs I read have Etsy columns and I enjoy all of them. I’ve really come to adore Eleni’s Etsy Mix feature because she manages to find beautiful items from independent sellers all within a certain theme. As someone who has done a few themed posts in the past, finding items to fit one theme isn’t always easy, and finding them from one place with the same aesthetic appeal must be a challenge. I give Eleni lots of kudos for being a fantastic Etsy curator which I think should be an option to add onto your resume.

Pinegate Road – From The Desk Of 

From The Desk Of - Pinegate Road

As you might recall, Kelsey of Pinegate Road was a one half of my last Ask A Freelancer post on authenticity, which is another reason why I couldn’t help but share her From The Desk Of series.  Kelsey shares the desks of some amazing designers, artists, and bloggers while sharing some answers to questions on inspiration and creativity. As someone who has begun to live at her desk, it’s pretty nice to get a look at someone else’s creative space every now and again. I also love reading stories about other creatives, which is why I spent too much time reading old Great Discontent articles yesterday. If you want to be introduced to some lovely ladies and read about how they do what they love, be sure to view the series.

Paper Crave – Hand Lettered Love

Hand Lettered Love - Paper Crave

I didn’t think explaining why I adored the Hand Lettered Love series on Paper Crave was necessary. Kristen does a great job finding some of the best examples of gorgeous hand lettering and showcases them in this series. Although I do love the vastness of Pinterest, sometimes I like it when bloggers are able to create a collection of what’s inspirational on their own.  Kristen has been curating amazing paper products for years and I’ve been a fan of her blog for a very long time.  If you don’t have any paper blogs on your list, add Paper Crave to your collection ASAP.

The Billfold – Place I’ve Lived

Places I Have Lived - The Billfold

Do you ever think about when you’re younger and how you hated visiting other people’s house for housewarmings? Now I’m older and obsessed with real estate and rental prices in other cities, an unhealthy obsession probably caused by watching too much House Hunters during my senior year. Place I’ve Lived is a fun column featured on The Billfold where various writers, bloggers, and journalists all explore their previous rental histories and where they were in their lives at the time. As a twenty-something, it’s quite reassuring to occasionally read how someone spent way too much money on renting a place because of the location. Also as someone who’s only roommate has been my husband, I’m intrigued by the thought of being able to move to New York and make a living in a tiny apartment in Williamsburg with your best friend. There are so many interesting stories and it’s always a fun read.

Style It / Send It – Design Dotted

Style It Send It - Design Dotted

Laura of Design Dotted is a fellow admirer of black and white polka dots which attracted me to her lovely blog in the first place. However, Laura’s Style It/Send It series is pretty awesome as well. Laura takes amazing women’s apparel items and pairs them up with their stationery counterpart. What’s not to love about that? If you needed an example of her matchmaking skills, the image above should be enough proof. The series has introduced me to some great paper shops which I’m always on the lookout for not to mention Laura has great taste in clothes. Laura’s blog usually showcases some inspirational things so if you’re not connected, be sure to stop by.

Do you have any favorite blog features? Please share them below!

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  1. I too believe that as a blogger, reading blogs is important. It takes a bit of extra time especially if you work outside of blogging, but it is always worth it to connect with people AND learn ways to improve your own site & content. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I agree that bloggers should support other bloggers – especially by reading. Folks from outside of the blogging world are not really familiar with the amount of work it actually takes to write a genuine blog post. The brainstorming, design, writing, figuring out new columns.. all of these amount to a lot of time. Lucky for us, this is something we love to do and it never and should never feel like work. Reading other blogs and letting them know you really care and are following their blogging lives with them means so much. I know it does for me!

  3. Oh my, these features are fabulous. I’m ESPECIALLY in awe of the hand-lettering example…I’m attempting to teach myself copperplate calligraphy, and can ALWAYS use more inspiration like this. ALL of these ladies are extremely gifted – thank you so much for sharing their work!!

    • Wow Amanda I’d love to read more about your copperplate calligraphy. That’s intense! I’m also getting into lettering myself so I’m always in awe of such talent.

  4. I just love this feature of yours, it’s always so much fun to discover new, fun columns! I’ve never seen Laura’s Style It/Send It column, but I’m already hooked – thanks so much for sharing!

  5. This is such a sweet feature mentioning other features, Angel! I think in this past month alone, I’ve bookmarked so many neat bloggers and tips thanks to your features and shares with us. Thanks for that! 🙂

  6. I love this feature of other features. Style It/ Send it is spot on and From the Desk of is such a great feature into the lives of creatives, not only through their work but also through their lives since their art spreads throughout their lives. Also, it’s so great to highlight other bloggers since blogging takes up so much work. Thanks, Angel!

    • Thank you for your lovely comment Alice and for stopping by. I’m trying to support other bloggers/creatives as best as possible from my space so I’m glad it’s helpful!

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