Blogging 101: Supporting Other Blogs

Blogging 101 - Supporting Other Bloggers

I mentioned last week that I would elaborate more on why I read so many blogs and how it’s been beneficial to me as a blogger. One of the things I really enjoy about blogging, and what’s kept me at it for so long, is that blogging allows you to meet amazing people. Whatever reason you choose to blog is at one’s own discretion. However, one of the benefits of actively blogging is that there are thousands of other people who are doing the same thing you do. So today I’m going to cover some tips on why you should reach out to that network and how to do it properly.

Activity Breeds Activity

I’m sure Shauna is tired of me linking to this article, but it could not be more true. One of the things that newer bloggers may not know is to get a blog following, you have to reach out. Of course, this isn’t always the case. Some blogs go viral overnight with little to no explanation why. If you’re ok with those odds, keeping to yourself may work for you. The best way to encourage activity on your blog and social networks is to get out there and start sharing some social love yourself. If you’ve read a helpful blog post, just write the author and let them know. They will appreciate it, visit your blog, and possibly find something they like. It really can be as simple as letting someone know you like their blog. You may be creating a new blogging friendship. You never know.

I will not say that you will get immediate responses or responses from everyone you reach out to. You shouldn’t expect to. You want to be genuine and realize when you’re commenting, you’re not expecting anything out of it. I’ll touch more on this topic later. Remember, get yourself out there. Start commenting, ask to write guest posts, and commit to reading at least five blogs a day. It makes the world of a difference.

Where Do I Find Blogs to Support

There are lots of blogs out there but knowing where to find them is key! I usually find new blogs by simply reading the comment section of blogs I like. It sounds silly but if someone leaves a thoughtful or articulate comment on a topic I’m interested in, I want to see what they are talking about on their blog. Here’s a fun list of places to search for new bloggers:

  • Bloglovin – I don’t use Bloglovin primarily because I’m subscribed to way too many blogs and it starts to lag a little when I’m reading. However, Bloglovin has a great algorithm to suggest blogs that match your interests. You can quickly give an overview of the type of posts you’ll be reading without making a major commitment to subscribe yet. It’s a fantastic way to find some of the larger blogs and from there you can start to filter through to the smaller ones.
  • Sidebars – Bloggers often link to blogs they read on a daily basis. If you really like someone’s blog, chances are you will probably find the blogs they read equally as interesting. Take a moment to check out someone’s sidebar. Mine is a lovely place to start 😉
  • Blogger Groups – I will eat my words from years ago and say that blogger groups have been beneficial to me in the past 12 months. Upon joining Sunshine Bloggers, I was introduced to a lovely group of local ladies. I’ve also had the pleasure of joining BLM which has been a fantastic group as well. I can connect with other bloggers and talk about what we all go through. Blogger groups are a great way to meet other bloggers, offer support, and receive support when you may be experiencing some problems. Start by finding blogger groups in your local area. You can also look for larger blogger groups like BlogHer as they’re helpful as well.
  • Guest Posts – I’ve really enjoyed reading other blogger’s perspectives on topics by reading their guest posts on my favorite blogs. Don’t skip out on reading guest posts! It’s a great way to meet someone new.
  • Social Media – Twitter parties and discussions are a wonderful way to find other bloggers, which is how I heard about BLM. If you’re involved in a Twitter discussion, you can follow the hashtag to see everyone’s perspective. From there, you could possibly meet another blogger who shares the same views and values that you do. It can be that easy! Pinterest is also a great way to stumble across bloggers, especially fashion and DIY bloggers.

There are lots of ways to search the web and get in touch with other bloggers. If you have a niche, be sure to look out for groups of bloggers in that niche. Bloggers are more likely to connect with other bloggers who are experiencing the same things they are. I connect with a lot of other designers who blog because we experience the same things. It doesn’t allow me to limit my perspective but it helps me build genuine relationships with them.

Support Genuinely

While, supporting other blogs has its perks, you have to remember to be genuine. We’ve all fallen victim to the commenter who is plugging their giveaway or sponsorship slots and it’s not something we always enjoy. You never want to utilize someone else’s blog comment section for the sole purpose to gain traffic. If you want to build traffic from other blogs, try purchasing a sponsorship. You want to be sure you are being authentic and honest about what you say in blog comments. If you’re not sure what to comment, you probably shouldn’t leave a comment. It really comes down to what thoughts you have to offer, how you want to support the blogger, and what your intention is when leaving comments.

One of the ways I like to support other creatives and artists is by featuring their work or their shops on the blog. I’ve been asked by lots of people in the past why I showcase other designers if they are competition. To me, I’m supporting their work because I believe in their talents and I believe in having options. If a future client likes my work but sees another design featured on my blog who fits their aesthetic, I would never discourage them from getting in touch with another designer. Yes, I may or may not lose business from this, but I’m supporting independent artists which is what I always intend to do. I’m opening a stationery shop. I will never stop supporting other paper shops on my blog. I can recognize talent. I know what inspires me and I want to be able to have my blog as a platform to support creatives.  It’s always been my intention and I will keep doing it because it works for me.

Supporting From Your Space

If you’ve built a nice blog following or blogger community and you want to support other bloggers, you can do so from your blog just as easily as supporting with your words on their blogs.

  • Weekly Link Round Ups  – Since I’ve been doing Links I Love, I’ve really enjoyed introducing my readers to bloggers and creatives that are doing amazing things throughout the week. Share some links every now and again to what you’ve found beneficial. It’s a win-win for everyone. You support your blog friends while sharing amazing things with your readers. There’s nothing to lose.
  • Social Media Shout Outs – I am not ashamed to re-tweet or pin anything that interests me from other bloggers. If a blogger has written a phenomenal post, let your followers know about it! It’s really quick and easy.
  • Guest Posts – If there’s a blogger that you feel has an amazing perspective, reach out to them and ask them to blog for you. Everyone can spare a blog post to another blogger. Don’t be afraid and just go for it.
  • Recommendations – I’m so happy I started my recommended favorite blog features spotlight. It allows me to give back to my favorite bloggers for being so awesome while again introducing my readers to some fun new columns to read. Let your bloggers know what’s on your recommended blog reading list.

It’s really up to you and how you want to be supportive of others. Be aware that there are ways to be courteous and don’t be discouraged when you get no  feedback from another blogger. They may be insanely busy and really appreciate what you do but they can’t connect with you on a one-on-one basis. There are plenty of bloggers who are out there who would love to be supportive of you and vice versa. Just dive in!

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What are some of your favorite ways to support other bloggers?

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  1. SO MUCH good information in this post- I agree with everything you said! It’s so important to be involved in the blogging community, you can’t expect people just to come to you. Not only is there a good chance it will help grow your blog, but it also helps you gain new friendships..and who doesn’t love that?! ps. You commented on my post last night about my instagram link being broken, it’s getting fixed, but until then you can find me @CourtenayColeman . Sorry about that!

  2. These are all great tips. I love finding bloggers within my niche (BIGGER plus if they look like me). I tend to stumble upon new blogs from other blogger’s Weekly roundups, as well as sidebar blog rolls — but most importantly, if I’m commenting on a post & there’s already comments, I’ll look at every commenter’s blog hoping to stumble on some gems. I believe that is how I actually found your blog once upon a time. 😉

  3. Love this post, Angel!! I found myself agreeing with everything you said – so spot on!! I understand that starting a new blog and “talking” to other bloggers out there is a bit intimidating at first, but then you get into the groove and start making relationships which is the best part!! It’s because of these wonderful relationships that I love to support and link back to fellow bloggers sites and posts, too!

    I actually love Bloglovin to keep track of all of my daily blog reads. Yes, I have a TON of blogs on there that I follow, but I have a specific group called “my circles” where I keep all the blogs that I go to daily so that I make sure I’m visiting, reading, and interacting with all of my favorites. Love this, Angel!!

    • It can be hard to reach out to bloggers, especially ones who have been around a long time. I’m glad I’m not the only one reading tons of blogs! Thank you for stopping by Jessica.

  4. Great article! I like getting in touch with other bloggers and interviewing them as stories for my own blog. I have my B.A. in Communications and I really enjoyed news writing ( which is why I believe most of my writing is short and to the point ) so featuring other bloggers, just like me, from around the world is amazing! I’ve made so many new friends just by reaching out!

    xo Jess

    • That’s pretty amazing! It’s awesome to be able to use your degree in interviewing and supporting others. Thank you for stopping by Jessika. I’m honored to have you!

  5. These are all really great tips for connecting with other bloggers. I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time now. I really enjoy your blogging tips and always look forward to your roundups. I also really love your new design.

  6. this was great. I must admit I am terrible at interacting daily with other bloggers, because I do have another full time job. But when I do get a chance I like to leave comments and tell them how much I appreciate their post – kinda like what I am doing now. This was insightful and really helpful for me. Thank you! So happy I stumbled across your blog today. xx Alecia

  7. Thank you for such an awesome tip! I really have the sense of supporting each other bloggers now. I feel like all of ways are amazing way to make great & genuine blog friends, which I am looking forward to.

  8. I could spend my entire day reading Blogs! I often have to remind myself that in order to get paid I better stop reading Blogs and get my work done LOL. I agree with and love all of your tips. I support other Bloggers with the Share Your Journey Page on My Blog. I recently had my first guest Blogger and I think I would like to have 1 guest a month to give my audience some variety.

  9. Wow, you nailed it!
    Some days, I just have to force myself to stop reading blogs. It’s addictive, fun, relaxing.
    I’ve found so many great blogs through sidebar link lists! And I love the Links I Love category idea -great way to share new blogs, people, resources. Really cool!!!!

  10. SUCH great advice!! Community is one of the best parts about blogging. Even though I don’t always have time to visit my faves on a daily basis I love catching up. And it positively makes my day to see a new comment on my own. 🙂

  11. This is such a great post with some great tips, i didnt know about blogger groups so i will be looking into them now! I do agree it isnt always easy to reach out to others! Thank you for sharing!

    • Emma, blogger groups have been very helpful to me! There are so many different kinds, especially regional groups to connect with bloggers in your area. Thank you for stopping by!

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