Blogging 101: Engage More

Blogging 101 - Engage More

Happy Monday! It’s been a very interesting weekend spent catching up and trying to reset from the Friday I had.  We’re looking onward and I’m chatting today about engaging more as a blogger and why you should challenge yourself to do so. A lot of questions I get from newer bloggers are about how to attract subscribers, how to get more comments, and how to improve the overall readership of their blogs. While these things sometimes matter matter (and really they don’t), the best way to build your audience and attract your idea level of engagement is to engage more.

Roadblocks Are Worthless

The biggest fear most bloggers face is the fear of how people will receive them. Will I be liked? Who wants to read this garbage? There’s never any guarantee in anything we do that everyone will enjoy it. For that reason alone, you should conquer the fear of reception. What you have to offer is unique because there is no one who has had the experiences you have. As long as you’re genuine and ready, there are people who are waiting for you. You might not know them yet and there’s a few ways to get to know them.

Reach Out

How often do you comment on your favorite blogs? Have you ever sent a tweet or email to your favorite blogger? Why not? Are you afraid of rejection? Remember—roadblocks are worthless! Reach out and get to know someone. I notice almost everyone who regularly reaches out to me no matter what the medium. If you think I don’t notice your comment, you’re wrong. I do! It’s hard work keeping up with several blogs and engaging in discussion with other bloggers so I respect everyone who makes an effort here. It’s genuinely appreciated! I truly believe in the power of supporting other blogs because it often shows results.

Don’t forget to reach out to your readers. There are several ways to get in touch with them from newsletters to social media pages. You want to know who you are talking to, what they are interested in, and what they want for the future. As the results trickle in from my survey, I’m enjoying seeing who you are. It’s easier to create content for your readers when you have a sense of who they are. Try to have open discussions about things that are passionate to you. Get conversations going in your comment section. Challenge your readers to really see your blog in a way that you weren’t able to before.

Engage in Person

What’s great about this era of blogging is that we’re no longer about anonymity. We’re creating conferences and workshops. We want to get to know each other. For the introvert, the possibility of being in a room with people you’ve only engaged with online can be terrifying. Although I’m not an introvert, I’m certainly married to one. Trust me, finding the right group of people to engage with can change your blogging life. The great thing about meeting bloggers face-to-face is that their personalities really shine through. You can only see so much through the words we post here. We don’t want to over-share and often we’re reserved. Have a chai latte with me and I’ll be sure to share some of my craziest blogging stories with you. I’m actually pretty funny outside of this space but those are things you’ll learn once we’re engaging together. Great partnerships and friendships are made just by sitting in a room together.

Challenge Yourself

Getting outside of your comfort zone and opening the channels of communication is a great way to engage. If you haven’t joined a blogging group, what’s stopping you? Have you ever asked your readers for their opinion? Do so! Challenge yourself to do something different and see what happens. The great thing about blogging is your blog is what you make it. You don’t have to create conversations, you don’t have to do anything. You do what makes you happy! I do think engaging more might be something that may provide a new outlook to blogging you never experienced before.

That being noted, I want to engage more with you which is why I’ve invested time into things like a Facebook page and now, I’ve put my newsletter to good use!

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It’s also the final day to put in some input on this year’s survey so be sure to let me know what you want! I’d love to engage in conversations about designing with intention with you.


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  1. I’m yet to find a blogging group. Seriously, can’t find it!!! Not even sure how to start. I also haven’t had the chance to meet other bloggers face-to-face, but I’m planning on attending conventions, meetings, courses and all I can this year. I’m bound to meet more bloggers this way. 🙂

    • There are quite a few regional blogging groups and I knew of a few that are very active in your area. Check blogger’s sidebars! That’s where I found the few that I belong to. 🙂

  2. I love this series. As a super novice blogger, your advice is extremely pertinent and I feel like learn a TON each time around. So much good stuff!!

  3. Angel, I love this post 🙂 I had to write a comment and let you know how much I appreciate you as a reader and a content creator! Your comments always make me smile. It’s so true about noticing the people that comment and engage. I always try to take the time and reply to each comment, and email back to the ‘just saying hi’ emails. It’s always appreciated to get that feedback. Also, I wanted to give you props for being THE QUEEN on commenting, hah. Everytime I’m looking to other blogs I regularly read, you’re right in there 🙂 That makes me smile too. Thanks Angel for all that you do!

    • Thank you so much for your sweet, sweet words Kelsey! I do try to support/engage with bloggers because those small comments matter! I know not everyone has the time to engage as often but it always helps to see those little moments of positivity in your inbox!

  4. What a great post, Angel! This is actually a personal blog resolution of mine, to engage more 🙂 I stopped going on Bloglovin a few months ago, and feel so out of the loop. It’s always always worth it to go read and comment on your blog pals!

    • It’s so easy to get out of the loop, especially when your reader looks like mine 😛 I’m glad you’re back! Missed seeing you in my comment boxes. 🙂

  5. As I read this I can picture a voice of someone I knew. Sort of in a calm mentor-y voice. I really enjoy posts like this because sometimes as year-old bloggers need to remember (especially me) that numbers aren’t everything. If you’re passionate about sharing your passion then that’s all that matters! Jessika

  6. This is such a great reminder! When I first started blogging I was commenting on all my favorite blogs and connecting with others quite often. Somewhere down the line I kind of stopped. I’ve been trying to reach out more lately, so this post couldn’t have come at a more perfect time!

    • It’s hard to keep up the consistency, especially when you’re busy with client work. It’s great to comment after being away for a while because you get to see what your favorite bloggers are doing. 🙂

  7. I can definitely work on engaging more with my blog. In fact, one of my goals this is to comment on at least three blogs a day! And I’ve had pretty good experiences meeting bloggers in real life- I need to do more of that too!

  8. Oh that fear of rejection! I know it all too well. And being the introvert in a whole room of people you haven’t met in real life? That’s me too! I went to an Etsy function a little while ago, and I was terrified. So much of this resonates with me – thank you! x

    • Oh no! My tip is to always try to bring a friend to a new event. If you’re feeling a bit fearful or overwhelmed, it helps to have someone to hang out with.

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