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Black Creatives to Follow on Instagram - Studio 404 Blog

Can we talk about Instagram? Instagram is second to Twitter when it comes to my favorite social network. When I started using Instagram, I was very much excited about having a visual-based social network. I was excited to document my days in square images. As it’s grown, there are now so many different approaches to utilizing it. I’ve found myself becoming more and more selective on what I want to document and really enjoy curating my experience. I’m documenting my life + creative journey as well as my fitness journey. I’m also finding people who are creating inspiring work just through Instagram. Here are ten black creatives that I’m in awe of and hope you get to enjoy as well:

Finding Paola

Blogger, Founder of Fanm and Djanm

Finding Paola - Instagram - Studio 404

Reasons to follow Paola: Travel porn/envy, her beautiful headwraps, and all of the different shades of lipstick she can pull off effortlessly

Bonus Follow: Her company Fanm Djanm


Creative Director of BUNCH Magazine

Asia David on Instagram - Studio 404 Blog

Reasons to follow Asia: #WestCoastistheBestCoast, learning self-love, and behind-the-scenes of making a magazine

Bonus follow: BUNCH Magazine



Eirka Layne on Instagram - Studio 404 Blog

Reasons to follow Erika: Portrait sessions, incredible styled shoots, and her ability to #makeyoufeel


Curator of 2 Many Siblings and Entrepreneur

Velma Rossa on Instagram - Studio 404 Blog

Reasons to follow Velma: More travel porn, wardrobe envy, and greenery

Bonus follow: 2 Many Siblings


Blogger, Toursim PR

Amber Burns on Instagram - Studio 404 Blog

Reasons to follow Amber: Coffee shots, bookworm life, and self-care enthusiasm


Photographer, Illustrator, Art Director for Black Girl in Om, and Co-founder of Ivory and Ash

Duen Ivory on Instagram - Studio 404 Blog

Reasons to follow Deun: Hairspiration, line illustrations, and hundreds of shades of brown skin

Bonus follow: Lifestyle with Ivory + Ash


Writer, Photographer

Eric Michael Ward on Instagram - Studio 404 Blog

Reasons to follow Eric: Chicago, beautiful portraits, storytelling

Bonus follow: Eric and Deun’s Instagram: wecoloured


Yogi, Painter

I am SQA on Instagram - Studio 404 Blog

Reasons to follow SQA: Aligned chakras, NYC, and fitness goals

Bonus follow: The Modern Bohemian

Love Little Sampsons

Influencer, Content Creator

Love Little Sampsons on Instagram - Studio 404 Blog

Reasons to follow Nesha: Simple living, mommy life goals, home decor


Photographer, Graphic Designer, Writer

Lauren Zoe on Instagram - Studio 404 Blog

Reasons to follow Lauren: VSCO styling, angles, textures

Who are you following on Instagram? Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. Cannot wait to follow all of these beautiful people. Thanks so much for including me :)(Also, how you described the reasons to follow me COMPLETELY made my day!)

  2. They all have awesome content, truly. But Deunivory sure caught my eyes! Maybe because I’ve been into illustration and more “natural” photography lately. And Love Little Sampsons has the cutest family photos.

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