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Only a few more days until I’m updating from a new space. I’m so excited. I’ve been working on some of the content in the past few days and it’s just weird talking about yourself. I’d like to take a break from that and talk about the Artist Showcase feature. Artist Showcase was a fairly recent blog feature I added in 2010 to showcase the work of artists I knew personally. It evolved a bit into artists I found online. However, more recently, it turned into a showcase/interview feature which is the format I’m bringing over to Studio 404. So if you’re an artist and you’re interested in answering a few questions and getting free promotion, feel free to contact me as I’m searching for a few artists to close out the feature until the end of the year. So today as a flashback post, I’ve decided to share some of my favorite artists from the past few years.  Enjoy!

 Artist Showcase – Katie Daisy

Free to Fly Print - Katie Daisy



Artist Showcase – Belinda Shih

Leafy Tea - Belinda Shih Design


Artist Showcase – Ashley Goldberg

Every Girl is A Superhero Sometimes - Ashley Goldberg



Artist Showcase – Janine Rewell

Mykita - Janine RewellArtist Showcase – Todd Wendorff

Prettiest Girl - Todd WendorffBe sure to check out some of the older Artist Showcase features! Do you have a favorite artist? Recommend them below!

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