10 Blogs That Will Change Your Design Life

1. Abduzeedo

Abduzeedo is one of the best places on the web for high-quality Photoshop tutorials. With a sleek design and numerous posts to inspire other designers, Abduzeedo is a definite quality web-design resource.

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2. A List Apart

A List Apart features hundreds of articles focusing on the importane of clean coding and content management. Not only are the articles informative and helpful, they also include plenty of examples to help you improve your web design.

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3. Blog Design Studio

What does Blog Design Studio have to do with designing? Everything. Blog Design Studio features plenty of articles on WordPress management and customization. This very popular blog management site features numerous articles on how to maintain a blog properly and free WordPress themes.

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4. Colorburned

Colorburned shares the best high-quality graphic design resources out of every site on the list. Colorburned also features plenty of  interviews featuring other great designers. Colorburned is also known for its vector resources.

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5. DesignM.ag

DesignM.ag has a lot of features including a gallery, freebies, and interviews as well. The sleek design and easy to use navigation also makes it one of the most accessible sites on my site. With plenty of design tutorials and articles to share, DesignM.ag is definitely a must.

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6. Fuel Your Creativity

Fuel Your Creativity is probably my favorite site on this list. Not only is it catered to graphic design but also features articles on interior design, typography, and web design as well. Also with a large list of freebies for its readers, Fuel Your Creativity delivers for every spot in your design life.

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7. Outlaw Design Blog

Outlaw Design Blog is one of my favorite sites to obtain resources. The best resources of the best design blogs are definitely featured on Outlaw Design Blog. The site also features articles on WordPress and design tutorials.

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8. Resource Pile

Resource Pile is a lot simpler than the blogs posted above. The site mostly features inspiration, graphic resources, code resources, and even scripts for the advanced web designer. 

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9. Script and Style

Script and Style is completely different from all of the sites above. Instead of directly posting their own articles, Script and Style posts links to different design articles all over the internet. More leaning towards the web design aspect, the site is still very important and very resourceful 

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10. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is the most popular design site on the list. With plenty of articles, tutorials, and compilations of resources, Smashing Magazine is the number one site you must have on your RSS feed list. I would definitely recommend this site for it’s features on fonts and different WordPress themes.

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  1. I was scared at first, because the sidebar thing wasn’t showing up because of an old plugin 🙁 I’ve got rid of it now though haha.

    I love this blog, and all other blogs like it. I love it when people plug great sites, especially ones with articles on. I just love reading them, haha (:


    Sarahs last blog post..I’m still alive

  2. Man, God bless you for this post!

    I have never known about existence of such great websites, even though I’ve been looking.

    I’m definitely going to be a constant reader of some. :hehe:

  3. I love that you’re into design– we share that together! I wish that I was better at graphic design, though. I have such an appreciation for it, but I lack the skill to be able to create extraordinary things…thus. I am an interior design junkie. Haha.

    I think it’s great that you posted this because the design of the blog is SO important. The content could be the greatest thing to have ever been written, but if your audience has no idea how to find it or it all looks like a hot mess– that’s a big turn off.

    You’re adorable, though, keep up the good work and good luck with everything!

    Morgans last blog post..My Current Kicks for March!

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