Web Design Friday: 25 More Beautiful Web Designs

Considering this was a hit last Friday, I decided to do it for the second week in a row! These are some beautiful CSS-based web designs that I’ve stumbled upon this week. I hope you enjoy them as much I do.

Visit Agrojapra.Net

Visit artcore-illustrations.de

Visit Artificestudios.com

Visit Cmslounge.be

Visit Danjoedesign.com

Visit Pretty Poo's Webpage.

Visit Envato's web page

Visit Garamiz Blog

Visit Guzzle's website.

Visit Happy Dangy Diggy's website

Visit Lancaster PA Web Design's website.

Visist Made by Guerilla's Website

Visit Mark McGall's portfolio

Visit Momono's website


Visit Open Atrium's website.

Visit Red Velvet Art's website

Visit Remix Creative's website

Visit Momentum's website

Visit Ryan McMaster's portfolio

Visit Shawn T Leslie's portfolio

Visit Six Central's website

Visit Twirk Ethic's website

Visit Wedding Veil's Direct's website

Visit Whose View's website

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