Interior Design: Modern Beautiful Bedrooms Part 1

I’ve been meaning to get more interior design blogs in. I’ve been into interior design for over ten years (yes, since the ripe age of 9!). I love collecting paint color palettes, digging for fabric for throw pillows, and mentally creating amazing tile kitchen back splashes. I believe self-studying interior design has help mold my graphic design sense. I have a keen sense of color thanks to interior design and that’s a must with graphic design. It’s funny how aspects of other types of art always influence each other. It’s a wonderful plus in this career of mines.

This post was brought on by my friends’ new house. They invited us out for a housewarming and their wonderful modern rooms melted my heart. I’d love to go back and feature their home here sometime in the future. Until now, I’ll share these gorgeous bedrooms with you!

Can I be allowed to admit how much I love the splashes of purple in this bedroom? I believe it’s a children’s bedroom, but it’s still amazing. The painting on the wardrobe is brilliant and ties in the neutrals in this room wonderfully. I can’t get enough of this room.

The patterned headboard in this bedroom is truly stylish and chic.

Maybe not as extravagant as most of the bedrooms that will be shown, however the flooring and orange lampshades, tie together the natural elements in this room.

I’m not a fan of the lamps on the nightstands, but I enjoy the mixture of lavender with a rich chocolate.

This beautiful Asian-inspired bedroom/living area is full of healthy feng shui. With great usage of wood, stone, and paper elements, this room is beyond inspiring. The dramatic lighting and Shoji screens are a wonderful touch as well.

This room is elegant, soft, and romantic. The chandelier completely sold me. What a beautiful chandelier!

How can you not love this room? The amazing solid wood bed, the beautiful artwork, and the nice subtle usage of cheetah print. Many people despise animal print in their home, but if it’s subtle, it works for me.

The windows in this bedroom are to die for. They are dressed with perfect curtains that don’t weigh the room down, but only encourage the neutral elements. The white panel against the darker wall also could be viewed as an extension of the headboard, making the bed stand out even more. I’d love to just stand in this room.

If I weren’t naturally terribly clumsy, I’d love to have at least one white bedroom in my future home. White is elegant, pure, and as pictured here, beautifully modern.

The flooring, the lamps, and even the rug are wonderful accessories for a beautifully designed room. I love the texture of the floor, something that’s different from what I normally see. The subtle artwork and the gorgeous black frames also complement the room nicely.

This bedroom reminds me a lot of the bedroom above it, but with more focus on the rich browns used throughout the room. In fact, the flooring is about the same so it’s probably within the same house. What I love most about this room is the wood paneling used in the picture frame. It’s unique and matches the style of the room perfectly.

What captivated me to this bedroom is the storage unit on the right. What can I say? I’m a sucker for beautiful storage spaces.

What I love about this bedroom is that it’s very neutral but adds in just enough color to make it lively. The colors don’t clash and they add warmth to the room. The lighting fixture isn’t too bad either.

I joked with David that this would be his ideal room and he agreed. I’m also a large fan of minimalism. You can’t go wrong with a beautifully designed room, complete with cityscape.

Finally, for this half, I leave you with this beautiful attic bedroom. The beautiful silver, patterned headboard and matching pillows add a modern, elegant feel to this beautifully crafted space. Attics can be quite hard to design for with the angles, but this bedroom embraces its wall’s angles. I love this room!

Stay tuned for the second post sometime this week. More beautiful bedrooms are on the way! If you guys like this enough, I’ll do more interior design posts in the future.

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  1. This has given me ideas for a bedroom re- vamp. That one with the beautiful headboard is simply amazing. πŸ™‚ This is very inspirational.

    When I move out in the future I wouldn’t mind a house warming where people help to pain and stuff. I have always really liked that idea. πŸ˜€ I ain’t going to be moving out my parent’s house until I have money and during the credit crisis all a girl can do is dream. πŸ™‚
    .-= Shola´s last blog ..My favourite tweets =-.

  2. Haha, I’m really addicted to interior design, too. πŸ˜€ The only channel I ever really watch on TV is the HGTV channel, because I love to get new ideas and see the how the many designs turn out. I cannot wait to be able to afford my own place to decorate and mold as my own. ^__^

    I really enjoyed this blog, comparing my thoughts on the bedrooms to yours; I look forward to another one similar soon! πŸ˜€
    .-= Lauren´s last blog ..Cooling Off =-.

  3. A cityscape is a welcome feature in any bedroom of mine!! I love being able to look out over downtown Dallas!

    I really like the Gee!Bee design. It looks like the wall the bed is up against is only a halfwall. Does the room open up more or is this a loft?

  4. This post is amazing. AMAZING. I love your blog so much. Have I mentioned that? Probably.

    I cannot WAIT until I have my own house so I can decorate every room like this. I’ll have to save a lot of money haha. I love looking at pictures of how people have decorated their rooms. These are fantastic!!
    .-= Caity´s last blog ..Alone in this house. =-.

  5. Very impressive interior designs. The simplicity of your friend’s bedrooms was inspiring and beautiful. I have to keep telling myself “Just put everything away!”

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