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Hi! It has been such a long time and I am so sorry for that. I was looking to develop a second project which I had to put on hold. Now, I am back to working on the project after speaking to a good friend of mines who is also a designer. She has gotten me inspired to follow my dreams and I am. This means there is good news that does influence the blog! I will make a formal announcement on May 31st so stay tuned!  (Edit: July 27: Totally still working on this you guys!)

In the meanwhile, I came across the portfolio of an amazing illustrator, Lydia Nichols. Lydia has worked with a large list of clients including: Bloomberg Businessweek, AARP The Magazine, Whole Foods Market, and many more! Her illustrations have a very whimsical retro feel and I love the muted color palettes she includes in her designs.

Copyright Lydia Nichols

Copyright Lydia Nichols

Copyright  Lydia Nichols

If you admire Lydia’s work as much as I do, pick out a few items from her online shop. Those spring postcards are definitely on my most-wanted list now.

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  1. I’m glad that you’re following your dreams and going to make them come true 🙂 Most people give up when things become too difficult – but your not like all the others. So I wish you good luck and I pray everything works out for you!

    Are you still interested in our designing deal? I haven’t heard from you in a while and I need to start stacking up on clothes soon 🙂
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  2. Such cute illustrations! I especially like the second one. 🙂

    Good luck on your projects, by the way. I also have some projects & design work I’ve been working on… I keep getting side-tracked & second guessing myself… but there’s been a few good people who have been encouraging me and inspiring me to keep at it. It sounds like your friend has done the same to you? Good luck!
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