Inspiration: Design vs Cancer

Design vs Cancer

There is power behind design and there’s often ways to utilize that power to create more good. Peter Deltondo, a graphic designer from Southern California, has collaborated with some great names in the design industry (including Mary Kate Devitt, who I’ve shared here quite a few times) to start the Design vs Cancer Kickstarter project.  Designers have been utilizing design for several years to help raise money for causes and I’m sure some of you have come across sites like Sevenly or Help Ink.

I’m writing about Design vs Cancer because with one retweet, Peter reached out to me via email to let me know he appreciated my support of his campaign. Peter’s story has been my story. I’ve lost someone to cancer. I have a very dear friend who is holding on to life because of her hope and her fantastic spirit. I do believe in designing with intention and I know often, these campaigns are looked down upon and are often called slacktivism. I won’t get into it, it’s still a design blog; however, as someone who volunteers nearly a third of her time—I think I can get a free pass for the two Help Ink posters in my houseI know it’s not easy to get the word out so I’m writing this post to share this campaign with you.

Design vs Cancer

My name is Peter Deltondo, a graphic designer from Southern California. 3 months ago, my mom (Maria) was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. After the shock of the news set in, and they talked about the medical plan of action. Lots of Doctors appointments, tests, chemo (and recovery time from it), surgery, radiation, etc. Both my mom and dad would be cutting back their work hours to be there for each other and beat this. A second worry set in for me, their finances.

My wife and I sat down and brainstormed how we could help out. We decided to use our time & talents and we would sell artwork on my website, and all profits would be donated to my parents. After speaking with my close circle of designer friends about my plan and the news of my mom, there was an outpour of support. They all wanted to be involved and donate artwork. It became crystal clear very quickly, this was something bigger then just my mom. This was something that we could do, together as a design community, and make a real impact in the lives of men, women, & children fighting cancer. – Read more of the Design vs Cancer Story

I do believe there is power in design, much like there is power in words. I believe in actively helping others as much as possible. I do hope this project gets 100% funded and I wish the best for its future. Most things start out with good intentions and I hope Design vs Cancer continues to succeed.

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  1. You and Perter’s story has touched deep in my heart!
    I love when people use their talent to accomplish a great goal. Thanks for sharing!

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