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While I am out of town this week, I turn over the reigns to Brittany Sharp of Swell-Studios. Check out her glorious design process for the Encounter event for her church below!

Dribbble Inspiration - Swell Studios

Happy Friday! This week has flown by!! I wanted to share with you my latest project and the design process for it.  A few weeks ago, I shared with you my dribbble finds which would be the mood board for a summer conference I’ve been working on.

Step #1: Figure the look & feel.  Thats when having a mood board comes in handy.  It gives you something to look at & provide some inspiration.  Saves me every time!
Step #2: Pick the colors.  From talking with the conference director, Sarah Shackleford, & looking at my mood board, I was able to pick 5 colors and those would be the colors that would be on the design & carry over to every other piece of the conference (promo videos, decorations, stage design, stage lights, etc).
Encounter Color Guide - Swell Studios
Step #3: Start designing. This steps takes the longest. For this particular project, I started on the design: then, when I has about 80% done, I sent to the conference director to see what needed to be added, fix colors, modify design, etc   Her and I spoke a lot up front on what it should look like, so at about 80% I knew I could bring her in because the piece was going in the direction we spoke about.
Step #4: Final Touches. After the revision period and getting everything set in place, it’s time to put the final touches on.
Encounter Blog - Swell Studios
Step #5: Celebrate! Above is the marketing piece for Encounter Conference.
Step #6Design collateral pieces. Now that the design is ready & approved, time to start implementing other marketing material. For this project, a website, flyers, banner, sign, promo video and postcards were made for this conference.
Encounter Website


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