Giveaway: Lady Poppins Floral Print

I’m so excited for today’s post. Remember Heatherlee Chan of Lady Poppins? Heatherlee loved my post so much that she sent me a couple of her prints. We’ve decided that the second print would be featured here in a giveaway. This is special because I never wanted to host giveaways here but what’s not to love about a free print? Never say never!

Lady Poppins Flower Watercolor Print Giveaway

The rules are simple, just leave a comment below sharing what inspires you about art! The contest ends Friday and the winner will be announced on Saturday. I hope you’re all excited to enter! Many thanks to Heatherlee of Lady Poppins for making this happen.

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  1. Art has a way of sneaking up on you and inspiring surprising emotions. Even if it’s just a little spark of happiness or nostalgia. This print is really lovely! (Also- I love your inspiration posts!)

  2. What inspires me about art is originality in ideas and how that originality never seems to stop. There is always something new to create in a different style, color, technique, media. My excitement over a new idea for art gets me started, but what drives me to finish is knowing that out there, there is someone else just as excited to have something created just for them. It’s inspiring to know I can do that for someone I might not ever meet!

  3. I love seeing different types of artwork. As a designer we don’t just get our inspiration from other designs, but instead from the art and world around us! I really enjoy seeing what other people are doing in other artforms!

  4. What inspires me about art is seeing something created simply for the beauty and love of the craft. I create my work with the goal of making people happy when they see it, and I love when I see others doing the same.

  5. I’ve always been inspired by artwork, because my grandparents are painters. They taught me that art is a reflection of society, interpreted differently from person to person. I love seeing art that others make, because I learn more about them then reading words. Inspiration really is everywhere, and it’s fun to see where others find it.
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  6. Oh wow. How fun!! That print is absolutely beautiful, too. <3 Watercolor is my favorite.

    What inspires me most about Art is that it's unique to the artist. Everything is perceived, depicted and transformed differently depending on the artist.. and how they are feeling at that moment. It's unique and it's personal. And I just love that.
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