Artist Showcase: Kristin Nohe

I adore the work of Kristin Nohe for many reasons: watercolors, lettering, whimsy, and it’s simply unique. Kristin is a 23-year old illustrator/designer out of the Minneapolis area. She’s an assistant designer for Target (How cool is that?) and she runs her own Etsy shop, Lefty Lettering & Illustrations. Kristin has two blogs, one hosted on Blogger and a fun Tumblr blog, Eight Erasers. Below are some of my favorites from Kristin’s shop and her Tumblr. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Don't Let Go Print by Kristin Nohe

Learn to Let The Things Print by Kristin Nohe

Look At The Stars Print by Kristin Nohe

Love Conquers All Print by Kristin Nohe

Follow Through Print by Kristin Nohe

C'est La Vie by Kristin Nohe


All artwork copyright of Kristin Nohe.

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  1. Amazimg work! She reminds me a little about Stina Persson (just with models instead of types). Ohh and Jody Barton. I must begin working with watercolor again soon <3
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