Announcement: Brand Changes

For quite some time now, I’ve been discussing on and off the idea of moving the blog to a new domain. I don’t know how often you visit my about me page (Lord knows I don’t) but around April, I decided to add the new site information because I am launching a new brand. Static-Romance, which has been my blog since December 2006 (yes I just looked that up because it’s been almost seven years!), will be moving to Studio 404.

Studio404 Coming Soon

Why I’ve Decided to Re-Brand

First and foremost, I am a designer. As much as I enjoy blogging, I have been designing for almost eight years now. As the influx of designer/blogger freelancers are emerging, it’s important to me that my brand remains relevant. The design and blog world is always changing and design has not been my focus in the past year. I wanted to regroup my blog following (I took a very long hiatus around 2010-2011) and focus on consistent daily blog posts. Now that I feel I’ve slowly gotten to where I feel comfortable, I think my readers would appreciate me practicing what I preach. I want my brand to reflect this stage in my design career. Studio 404 will be a small portion (and 100% my own) of Sevenality, the creative branding agency I co-own with my husband.


I don’t talk about our work often mainly because we’re consistently working (and looking for fun new clients to work with ;D). We have completed some projects in the past year that I’m extremely proud of. We’re in the process of re-launching the site (again) and once that is complete, Studio 404 will be ready to go.

Something To Look Forward To

Studio 404 Identity

Studio 404 will mainly remain the same as Static-Romance. We will have the same blog series like Artist Showcase, Links I Love, Blogging 101, and This or That. I will be introducing a new blog series within the next few weeks that will carry on to Studio 404 as well. There will possibly be more guest posts, a lot more showcasing of my work, offering branding services for bloggers, and hopefully by the end of October, a full-functioning paper shop. I’m still in the process of deciding the lines for the paper shop. The shop will focus mainly on prints, thank you cards, and note cards. Unless there is a great demand, I won’t be getting into greeting cards. I’ve been working on the idea of a small paper shop for about 18 months so I hope you enjoy what I have to offer.

All of this will be happening October 1st so feel free to drop by Studio 404 in the meanwhile and join the mailing list for updates! I will be offering some fun items to those who subscribe so be sure to join the list. Thank you for reading and I hope you all will continue to join me when the blog moves over!

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Angelica Yarde
My name is Angel Yarde. I am a designer, front-end developer, and speaker. I am the editor and designer of Studio 404 whic was founded in December 2006. In January 2014, I launched Studio 404 Paper, a paper shop which includes type-focused greeting cards, note cards, and prints. I currently reside in Celebration, Florida where I co-own a branding strategy studio, Sevenality, with my husband.
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  1. Ah! I don’t know how I missed this announcement! This is seriously so exciting, Angel! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you for visiting Erika! I’m actually going to do a huge post very soon about the name and give an update on the site so be sure to stay tuned!

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