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Entrepreneurship & Friendships

Friendships & Entrepreneurship
If you’re anything like me, your friendships were formed before you made the jump into full-time entrepreneurship. Although I’ve always had a business, it recently became my primary source of income in the past year and it’s made some changes in…

Work Lately

Bump Ahead
I’ve just returned from a weekend in Fort Lauderdale and I have to say, today I’m taking a bit of a personal break. In the meanwhile, I wanted to share some things I’ve been working on lately. Top The top…

3 Secrets to Your Breakthrough

3 Secrets To Your Breakthrough
Today, I’m sharing this space with Brittany of Swell Studios. Brittany has been kind enough to post here before and she’s all kinds of amazing. Her design studio has grown so much in the past year alone and she’s one…

11 Questions Game

11 Questions
A couple of weeks ago, the lovely Anna-Rosa of myLifebox tagged me in her 11 Questions Game. It’s been fun seeing these random games pop up around the blogging world to get more information about bloggers. As I don’t post…

Creating Challenges For Creatives

Creating Challenges as Creatives - Studio 404
I talked about this a little in this week’s mail drop about how I felt a bit naked discussing some of last week’s topics (specifically this thing). (I also just noticed a huge grammar error in that newsletter. Sorry friends!) However,…

Now & Then

Now & Then
Happy Monday! It’s been a crazy weekend of rearranging things and trying to recover (spoiler alert: I haven’t). However, today’s post is tons of fun because I was tagged by the lovely Kristyn of Milk & Crown to do a…