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I’m not a happy homeowner yet, but I’m totally digging planning out my own little slice of heaven. You can never get enough interior design inspiration. It’s always those little things that make a house your own home. Here’s a few of the little pieces of home that create a great space. Enjoy!

I love the rich floor, textured walls, and subtle lighting in the hallway. The elements combined create an amazing space, especially with the adorable family photos up top. It’s the little things that bring warmth to even a muted space.

One of the things I’d love to have in my home is an entire wall of books. There is something warm and personal about walking into a home with a wall full of books. As a bookworm, I can’t help but to feel welcomed whenever I see books. What I love even more is the contrast of the black and white book shelves carefully placed. I love it! Books can always be used for decorating. They are the perfect accessory.

What’s more personal than a wall of books? A wall of postcards! Postcards feature amazing photography and art that can be easily displayed in any room. A collection of intricate postcards such as the one above is great for the traveler (or wannabe like myself).

What do I love most about this room? The wood panel feature wall. It adds the touch of personality and eye-catching texture. I know a lot of people don’t like having their television as their featured piece but the paneled wall in this room definitely makes the television pop. I love the open floor plan and neutral colors as well.

Somewhere in my future house, there must be a chalkboard panel. Up above is a stylish, chic chalkboard door. Not only is it convenient (need to write something down, oh hey there’s a chalkboard door), it creates a black, textured element. I’m very fond of the chalkboard area to be located in the kitchen. The chalkboard also helps the amazing lime paint pop.

What lovely illustrations! I definitely must include illustrations somewhere in my home. I love all types of art, but illustrations have to be one of my favorites. The entire metallic detail above the door is also fun and whimsical. This wall not only tells one story, but could possibly tell many. Now if only walls could talk.

I love this kitchen. Somewhere in my future home, there has to be a black and white room. It’s a timeless combination of colors that will never lose its class. The beautiful dishes above the cabinets definitely adds a personal touch. I don’t walk into too many kitchens who dare to have dishes outside of the cabinets with fears of being tacky or unorganized. This kitchen is put together extremely well. The floors and window covering add an extremely nice touch as well.

My greatest home lust, Japanese lanterns. I don’t think a home is mines unless a Japanese lantern (or five) are hanging around. I love Japanese lanterns. They come in so many styles and provide so much function. Some are used only for decorative purposes and others are used for lighting. They add a nice subtle Asian flavor to any room. Not only that, they are light and airy, not bulky like many other accessories. They’re usually very cost-efficient and easy to install. What can I say? I’m a girl for the lanterns.

That covers a few of the little touches I adore and would like to have in my home. What are some of the little things in your home that you love? What are some things you’d love to try out?

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  1. That Kitchen is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! I would love to have the textured walls and the illustrations to hang up, but I would probably use my own photography rather than postcards. Very artistic though. I also can’t wait to have my own home to decorate and design.
    .-= Lady Impulse´s last blog ..More New Stuff!! =-.

  2. Hey Ang.

    How are you hun? Anyways, stoppin by to say hello. You know this post has got me wishing for a new home front. I mean, my biggest dream is to remodel/renovate my house and girls got dreams and these pictures definitely wants me wanttttinnng these things. boo. 🙂 I want the chalkboard wall thingy. The “good eats” TV show has that chalkboard wall in his kitchen. If i’m not mistaken i’ve also seen that on “Because I Said So” movie too! hehe. I might be wrong though but I want that. You have great taste. I can imagine what your house would look like 🙂
    .-= Ashes´s last blog ..Just for the lovers. =-.

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