Inspiration in Images: 02.03.2009


Again I’m trying something new. Design is visually stimulating. The purpose of designing is to catch your eye. I’ve decided to collect a few images and links to share with you. Hopefully I can do this daily! So here’s Inspiration in Images for February 3, 2009.


Remember young Dakota Fanning from I Am Sam? Nearly eight years ago, she was a bright seven year-old nominated for awards an in the lime light. Despite many other celebs her age, Dakota continues to remain classy and career-oriented. It’s never easy for a child celebrity to grow up in Hollywood but Dakota seems to be doing quite well. Appearing last night on David Letterman, here she is looking stunning and age-appropriate in a black jumpsuit. Thanks a lot Dakota for making me feel fashionably repressed! Visit oceanUP for more pictures.


Decorology blessed our internets yesterday with a few images of well-designed rooms. Way to cool down the busy afternoon yesterday.


Desire to Inspire posted an entry featuring Coddington Design. With classic and modern design mixed together, the patterns and textures used in the rooms displayed are blissfully compiled. I enjoyed the room above for the bright but calming turqouise and usage of patterns.

210 103

Tracey from Live a Fabulous Creative Life shared pictures of her beautiful home with us yesterday. The mixture of boehmian, classic, modern, and oriental themes placed together with patterns and bold colors make a beautiful combination. It’s definitely inspiring to see so many different styles combined to make one gorgeous home. Very inspiring indeed!

lovestruck_large mademoiselle1



I had not lived until I saw Sylvia Gi‘s beautiful artwork. The images she creates are just gorgeous. I was completely speechless and had to share them immediately. So inspiring, dark, but classic in a unconvential way. She’s definitely become one of my favorite artists instantly.


Joshua Pekter‘s artwork is simply beautiful. There aren’t enough words to express how much I love his work. I’m actually thinking of buying a piece for myself. It’ll definitely be worth the money. You must view more of his work. He is a genius.


I was once a hardcore Kingdom Heart fan so seeing this in my RSS reader this morning caught my eye. The equisite detail, colors, and texture are breath taking. Such a gorgeous piece by Maribel at Design Flavr. You definitely need to check it out for yourself.

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