Inspiration: Coffee Photography

Happy Wednesday! I’m sorry I was MIA but I do have some pictures from Sunday night to share with you all, later. I spent last night working diligently on a few proposals after a long eight-hour day at the “job” so I haven’t gotten much sleep. However, coffee has played an important role in the past few days of helping me get things done. I was never an avid coffee drinker until my husband and I bought our first coffee maker. I feel as if it’s slightly taken over my existence but I’m getting my coffee under control. I thought I would share with you inspiring coffee photography. It may just be a beverage in a cup but some talented individuals know how to make it beautiful.

Coffee by By amesis

coffee By hellojenuine.

Coffee? By JenK ♥





Coffee Is By Terry Bain

coffee & cake By jimforest

Coffee : Latte Art By Paul Stevenson

Coffee Warehouse - Homebush By sachman75

Coffee and a cupcake By Jezlyn26

How do you like your coffee?

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  1. I like coffee with my cream + sugar hehehe (get it? You know how people say they like cream + sugar with their coffee? I reversed it lol. Still not funny? OKAY haha.)

    What’s weird is that I used to love drinking coffee at my dad’s job when I was like 10 or 11… It tastes so good. That lasted not too long. I just recently started drinking coffee… like three weeks ago, but I think I’m gonna stop lol. Although it is only like 3 times a week that I’ll do it, I think I’m gonna do away with it because I don’t wanna become dependent on it (though I don’t think it boosts my energy/keeps me up O_o). The photography is amazing… Hmmmm I wonder if I can try to make some of those designs in a cup of hot chocolate? Hmmm.
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