Designing An Entryway: Amazing Home Benches

Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts. I’ve been adjusting to my “working” schedule. The first week wasn’t  deadly but I am pretty exhausted. My husband and I are in the process of moving as I’ve said before. Hopefully within the next two weeks, we’ll be somewhat settled into our new place.

Since then, I have been mentally designing the layout of our apartment. After a few hours of planning, I decided to take each space one by one to create a home. It will be our first “place” together so I want it to be great. One thing I came across while searching for something to put in our entryway/foyer was the idea of having a bench. I would like a bench with maybe storage to place things and a nice patterned cushion. I decided to put together a post of great benches in homes, not only in the entryway but in other places as well. I hope you guys enjoy! They are amazing.

I love the simplicity and the storage capacity of this bench. It’s small and doesn’t take up a lot of space while adding a lot of function.

This bench has so much potential. I love the idea of having a few pillows thrown on top. Maybe a little mix-and-match with patterned pillows. Great idea.

This bench is to die for. It’s sleek, modern, and can fit anywhere. It’d be great with throw pillows.

Here’s a very ornate bench located in a master bedroom sitting area. It may be too formal for my idea but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy it. So nice! It looks great against the wall color.

A chic, stylish bench located in the bathroom. After seeing this idea, I thought of having a bench in the bathroom as well. A girl can dream.

I love sitting areas that are built in. If I could, I would create a bench like this one in a heartbeat. It’s so roomy and a perfect reading spot.

This is probably the closest bench to the one I’d like! It’s only missing the storage space at the bottom. Since this bench is a part of the kitchen dining setup, it doesn’t need much storage space at all. I love the pillows, amazing.

Here is another great bedroom bench I couldn’t help but admire. I probably would have never noticed this amazing bench on its own. The owner did, thankfully, and it looks amazing in her bedroom. Very nice!

I did think of putting a small bench on the end of the bed in our bedroom. This amazing turquoise bench looks great against the gorgeous bed frame. I could spend a day or two in this room.

There’s so much love I have for this bench. It’s sleek, modern, and minimalistic. It probably wouldn’t serve much function in our place, but I still love it. I just need a great excuse to get one.

I hope you guys enjoyed these benches as much as I did.  Do you have a bench in your home? Share it with me! I’m always looking for inspiration.

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  1. I think you have some wonderful pieces here. I like the idea of storage benches because they are functional in many ways. Everyone needs more storage space and with nice furniture the storage is an added bonus
    .-= Adam´s last blog can i make a wood bench? =-.

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