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12 Days of Christmas


Color palettes are an easy way to become inspired in design, especially during the holidays. There are traditional colors and not-so-traditional colors. Today’s palettes showcase one of each derived from geometric illustrations created by two very different companies. I love sharing things that are similar but different. It shows that even though you’re doing something similar, you can always put your own take on it and create something extraordinary.

Panera Holiday Color Palette

You may have noticed the Panera Bread 2013 holiday packaging in your local Panera this month. The packaging was designed by Willoughby Design and it’s absolutely gorgeous. This color palette utilizes the traditional red and greens with a modern spin.

Danish Christmas Calendar Color Palette

The Danish Christmas experience is a little different than how we celebrate here in America. Designer and illustrator Mette Hornung Rankin created this twenty-four icons of Danish Christmas calendar which showcases her stunning illustrations. I pulled the blues from this calendar, which are usually found in Hanukkah palettes. They can easily be utilized to celebrate the winter solstice next weekend which is something I’m excited to do myself.

What are some of your favorite Christmas colors?

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  1. Both of these palettes are so different, but I love how each one feels festive in it’s on right! I love the 24 icons design. And one of my favorite holiday colors has to be gold…so versatile!

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