12 Days of Christmas: ish and chi

Welcome to the first 12 Days of Christmas featured blog post! Today we’re featuring ish and chi which is ran by the beautiful and talented, Viv. I admit, I’m featuring ish and chi here on my own. However, it’s due to a lack of nominations. I figured I’d start the 12 Days of Christmas off right by featuring this wonderful and inspiring blog.

Almost daily, you can expect an inspiring, beautiful post on ish and chi. Viv shares her talent for seeking beauty with us through interior design, fashion, food, and much more. Her beaming personality and charming presence (not to mention drop dead gorgeous features) shine vibrantly in every post, captivating the hearts of her many readers. It’s the very subtle details that make ish and chi stand out of the hundreds of design blogs.

Upon visiting ish and chi, readers can stumble upon the transformation Viv is performing on her beautiful home. Everything on the blog is properly organized and legible. There’s a simplistic, modern vibe radiating from the blog’s mod yellow design. Each post offers some type of inspirational visual stimulation. The interior design posts are favored by many, but Viv offers a bit of fashion and even personal humor into each post. At ish and chi, there is something for everyone. Although the posts aren’t as frequent as other interior design blogs, the quality of each post is worth the wait.

Viv’s eye for talent isn’t pure luck; she’s pretty talented herself. Taking a peek at her Etsy shop, also named Ish and Chi, you’ll find gorgeous original fabric artworks and prints. The tagline in her header image, “Artwork made with love”, definitely fits the beautiful items Viv offers for sale. It takes a good designers eye to find good designs, and Viv is blessed with an eye for beauty. Hopefully, I have given my readers a little peek into ish and chi, but you have to visit yourself. Viv is a wonderful person with an amazing blog. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s featured blog!

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