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Ready for 2013!

2012 in review 2
I have hopes for things in the next year. This year was great, full of fun exciting memories! So I’ll recap them a little below. Enjoy! 1. I had a great birthday and a fun time spending a few months…

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays 2012
It’s been a crazy past couple of weeks but Happy Holidays from Florida! Hopefully I can get a few posts in before the new year. If not, happy 2013!

Weekend Getaway: Sandestin

Waves at Sandestin Beach
Sorry for the delay of posts this week! I’m recovering from our weekend in Sandestin. Although we only spent a couple of days near the ocean, it was much needed! While I catch up on things I missed, I hope…


Today is an official Caturday as it’s our kitty’s 2nd birthday! I can’t imagine life without this little bugger. She is definitely the queen of the household. Happy Caturday!


Autumn Road by Ron Zanoni
When we least expect it, life sets us a challenge to test our courage and willingness to change; at such a moment, there is no point in pretending that nothing has happened or in saying that we are not yet…

Sick Days

Tea Bags by the Window - Original Source Unknown
The past few days have been extremely busy with little resting time. I guess that’s starting to catch up with us because we’ve been feeling a little under the weather in my home. Yesterday was definitely a day of tea,…


David Birthday Cake
Today is my husband’s birthday. Above is an extremely blurry excited picture I took at 5 a.m. being as groggy as one could be. I love celebrating his birthday because I’m allowed to make it as over the top as I possibly can. This year’s…

Three Years Later

This was my husband and I on our wedding day, three years ago. When I look at this picture and I think about is  my inability to properly carry a bouquet of flowers. Also about how I gave myself awful…