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Overcoming Obstacles & Productivity

Obstacles & Productivity for Business - Studio 404
During Monday’s newsletter, I shared some tips on overcoming obstacles. In the age of connectivity, it’s so easy to become overwhelmed when your business is your priority. I don’t think I’ve logged onto Twitter without seeing peers being overwhelmed by the…

On Working from Home: Part 1

Studio 404 Office
I realized that I have never ever discussed my transition from working a full-time job and working part-time at home to working full-time in my home office. It’s been over a year now so I have some thoughts on what…

Rustic, Yellow Baby Shower

Baby Shower Invitation - Studio 404
Be warned! This is a total baby shower post. I’m sorry (not) for ruining your day with all of this non-design subject matter. Today, I’m eight months pregnant and time is winding down. I still have a list of things…