Black Creatives to Follow on Instagram - Studio 404 Blog

Black Creatives to Follow on Instagram

Can we talk about Instagram? Instagram is second to Twitter when it comes to my favorite social network. When I started using Instagram, I was very much excited about having a visual-based social network. I was excited to document my…

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Lessons I've Learned from Podcasting - Studio 404 Blog

Lessons I’ve Learned from a Year of Podcasting

It’s April of 2017! I would also feel so apologetic about not blogging regularly or contributing to this space but as our business has grown, I’m more forgiving of not showing up here as much. Writing is something I enjoy…

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New Year Goals & Intentions - Studio 404

2017 Goals and Intentions

Welcome back! It’s another year, we survived 2016, and it’s time to get things in order. The holidays went by in a blink of an eye and for the first time in a long time, I was ready for them…

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2016 in Review - Studio 404 Blog

Studio 404: 2016 in Review

Hello! It’s December and I’m here, around, and still functioning. This has been my quietest blog year in over four years. With only twenty-one posts thus far in 2016, I’ve been struggling to find the words to share here. This…

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