Making Your Own Rules - Studio 404

Learn to Make Your Own Rules

This month has been so great for me as I was able to share four incredibly amazing illustrators. I was inspired to step away from writing and sit down to work on creating content that I wanted in this space.…

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Creative, She Wrote - Bailey Sullivan

Inspiration: Bailey Sullivan

It’s Monday, it’s still May, and you know that means more inspiration. Between this series and the VenturePop Instagram Challenge, I’ve been so inspired in this past week. Even though I’m recovering from a ridiculous cold, I have been seeking talented…

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12 Cities - Boyoun Kim

Inspiration: Boyoun Kim

We’re back with another amazing inspiring artist for the month of May. This series has been so helpful to me this month, especially when this is usually when I get in a creative rut. I’ve been creating daily and even…

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Llama - dekanimal

Inspiration: dekanimal

Welcome back! I’m doing inspiration posts every Monday in the month of May. I’ve been so inspired kicking off the week with great illustrators, photographers, and artists so I wanted to share these talented individuals here on the blog. Today’s artist…

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Cookery - Ryn Frank

Inspiration: Ryn Frank

Happy Monday! I want to spend each Monday this month sharing a new illustrator or designer who has inspired me lately. Ryn Frank isn’t new to the business and you may have seen her work previously published under the name Katt…

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