Studio 404 Shop: New Brush Prints!

Ampersand Print - Studio 404 Paper

Hi friends! I shared a little snippet yesterday and today I’m excited to add three new prints to the shop. I’ve been holding in some creative ideas for the shop since the beginning of the year and these are just a little look into what I’ll be adding in the future. I’ve been testing a new brush and practicing some new things which I am so glad to share with you.

Coffee and Blogs Print - Studio 404
Hello Aloha Print - Studio 404

Remember, all e-book customers get a discount on the Studio 404 shop through the end of the week. Enjoy!


On Working from Home: Part 2

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Last month, I wrote a post focused on working from home. I wanted to follow up with some extra tips and tricks that I’ve learned from working at home in the past year.

Get Organized

Hello Card - Studio 404

If you haven’t already done so, you might want to get organized. I have a lot of meetings and what saves me when working on different projects, is being able to go back to the notes. One of the best things about having a to-do list is that I can easily sit down and look back on the things I’ve done. When you work at home, especially as a creative entrepreneur, you can often work so long on one project that it’s hard to tell if you’ve made any progress. Being organized is the only way my business stays afloat. If I didn’t keep track of things, I’m sure I’d be in a terrible place.

  • Shop Supplies. The fun thing about having you own office space is that you’re able to decorate it however you’d like. Buy supplies that make sense for your job or business. If you never use paper, you probably don’t need a stapler. One place that’s awesome at providing gorgeous office supplies is Poppin.
  • Manage Your Office. As with any office, you need to make sure your home office is managed well! Are you using equipment? Is your software up to date? One of the things that I learned in my years of office work is that it’s easier to know everything about what’s in your office than to spend every three months trying to figure out where to buy ink from. Have spreadsheet that lists all of the supplies you need, when you last bought them, the price, and from what vendor. You’ll also be thanking yourself at tax season when you can go back and reference what you’ve bought.
  • There’s An App For That! Why do things like tedious project management and accounting when there are apps for it? Using apps like Asana, Zoho, and Freshbooks allow me so much flexibility in managing my business on the go. Remember all of those meetings I was talking about? Even when I’m not in my office, I know what’s happening in my office. Also, unlike most of my peers, I work with a partner so I need to know what he’s doing as well.

Stay Focused

Studio 404 Office

If there is anything I hear from my traditional office peers, it’s that working from home would provide too many distractions. There’s the TV, the fridge, and the bed all located in walking distance. How is anyone able to get anything done when Daredevil is on Netflix?!!! The key to surviving in your home office is to keep your mind on the prize. Distractions don’t pay the bills!

  • Know Your Discipline Level. I have friends who have no problem working from home with the television on and still get everything they need to done. There are many people who cannot. Please don’t encourage yourself to be distracted with TV or constant snacking. Treat your office like it’s any other office.
  • Trick Your Brain. If you don’t have the brain signal that tells you to start working, you may need to trick your brain. Still set your alarm, get dressed, and even put on your shoes if you need to. Do what you need to do to get your brain in productivity mode.
  • Stop The Music. Working with music is great and I love it but what makes me more productive are podcasts. There’s something about being educated while working that motivates me to keep going. I keep music for my workouts and my car, and let podcasts guide me through my workday. If you absolutely can’t work while people are talking, switch up your music to something light. You could also try working with noise apps like Coffitivity.

Be Social

David Yarde - Breaking WordPress - WordPress Orlando

The second thing I hear from my traditional office friends is that they love having co-workers too much to leave the office. I’ve only worked in one place where I had traditional co-workers that I worked with every day and now those people are some of my closest friends, so I understand. There is something quaint about going into a building and being able to say hello to the receptionist who knows your name, going a group lunch or coffee run, and office potlucks. However, what I remember most about office are office politics and spending a lot of time in my office with the door closed praying to remain uninterrupted. There are ways to be social with your home office without necessarily needing the office.

  • Work Outside of Your Office. The great thing about working from home is the ability to pick up your laptop and take it anywhere you want. Last year, I spent so much time outside of the office. I would work at Starbucks, other coffee shops, at the park, and absolutely anywhere my laptop to connect to WiFi. Try to take some time to work somewhere else if you miss people! Co-working spaces like Canvs here in Orlando or The Hive in Philadelphia are great options as well.
  • Go Out To Lunch! There is nothing about working at home that stops you from grabbing lunch with a friend. If you need some social time, meet up with a friend and eat. You can do it on their schedule, which is amazing, and you don’t have to worry about time constraints on your end.
  • Join A Meetup. Meetup is fantastic. It has introduced me to so many amazing people, events, and groups in this city that I wouldn’t have ever known about. All you do is put in your interests and you’re connected to a world of amazing new opportunities. If you’re not sure where to start connecting with others or you’ve just moved to a new place, I would recommend attending a meetup to get to know some people. This also forces you to get out of the house!

I think I’ve covered everything that I can think of for now in this series. I really love working from home and having the freedom to do what I want, when I want, in my office while still doing what I love. Does your job offer working at home as an option? Try it out!

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Blogging 101: April Tips Roundup

April Blogging Tips

Better late than never? It’s time for a new blogging roundup post! It’s been a while since I’ve been able to put one of these together. Between my schedule and lack of tips, it hasn’t been easy but I’m so excited to share one for this month!

6 Steps to Thinking Bigger with Your Blog – Jenny Purr

6 Steps to Thinking Bigger - Jenny Purr

Jenny shared some great tips on thinking bigger for your blog. I think we all reach a point with our blogs where we wonder what else is there to do? We find inspiration in our peers but ultimately, it’s about sitting and working out what’s best for you. I really enjoy changing this space to where I am in my life and career and I think Jenny’s tips will help you think big for your blog space.

5 Simple Steps to Start Your Blog – Elembee

5 Steps to Start Your Blog - Elembee

I was chatting with a friend yesterday about projects that seem to never launch. When working with clients who are starting up, more than often, they never really follow through with their ideas. Lisa shared some great tips about starting your blog. Starting a blog is so simple and it only becomes complicated when you let your head get in the way. There are so many resources to help you start off right so take advantage of them and get started.

How to Avoid Blogger Burnout – Blog Society

How to Avoid Blogger Burnout - Blog Society

Blogger burnout is real! I think we’ve all opened up our blog editor at one time or another and just felt defeated. This article is by a licensed acupuncturist who shares some tips in applying the principles of acupuncture to your blog life.

3 Quick Links for SEO – Zoe Rooney

3 Quick Links for SEO - Zoe Rooney

SEO is a necessary evil that we have to stay on top of. Zoe shared three recent links that are discussing some important things about SEO. I enjoyed reading about the e-commerce SEO aspect as I’m currently in the process of setting up shop here on the site!

Product Photography Tips for Your Blog – SITS Girls

Product Photography Tips for Your Blog - SITS Girls

It wasn’t until I opened a paper shop that I really had to think about styling and shooting products for myself. The rule of 3 tip in this post makes me re-evaluate everything I’ve been doing (which is wrong!). I need to take some time and re-shoot all of my products and I cannot wait to use these tips!

The Blogging Comparison Trap – Lovely Indeed

The Blogging Comparison Trap - Lovely Indeed

When you’re in a publicly visible field, it’s so easy to compare yourself to others who do what you do. Bloggers are doing amazing things. They are influential and prosperous. This is definitely the time to be a blogger but not all bloggers are created equal. I love how real Chelsea is about comparing yourself to others and how she reminds herself to not fall into the comparison trap.

Why I Chose Squarespace over WordPress – Jess Creatives

Why I Chose Squarespace over WordPress - Jess Creatives

I am always Team WordPress for myself but we are so lucky to have different CMS and blogging solutions that meet everyone’s needs. Jess shares her thoughts on Squarespace and why it’s the best choice for her!

5 WordPress Tools to Enhance Work-Life Balance – Jamie Leigh

5 WordPress Tools to Enhance Work-Life Balance - Jamie Leigh

There are some things that can make your life easier and I love when I learn about them! Jamie’s list of WordPress tools to help boost work-life balance is just wonderful. I had never heard if iThemes Sync and it’s something that I need to look into ASAP!

Why Your Blog Needs A Plan – Nora Conrad

Why Your Blog Needs A Plan - Nora Conrad

It’s almost guaranteed that having a plan for something makes it easier to do. Why do we approach blogging so often without one? Nora shared some reasons why having a blog plan is crucial and how to create one of your own. No two blogs are created equal and planning may not work for you but there are some things that Nora shared that I believe everyone can benefit from.

Should You Rebrand Your Blog – Decor8

Should You Rebrand Your Blog - Decor8

I’ve rebranded and I’m in the process of a redesign so I am relating so much to this article! I loved reading about Mel’s in-depth rebrand and redesign process. It’s not easy to decide to take the plunge and it’s a lot of work but it’s so worth it in the end!

Share your blogging tips below!


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