Inspired By Web Design

Whenever, I take on a new web project I spend time divulging in inspiration of other great UI designers and developers. There are a lot of small details that make up a website that I often miss. I love seeing how designers add in elements like patterns and subtle coloring to differentiate their websites from others. While flat UI is still running supreme with RWD, we are seeing more personality put back into sites which gets me excited as a designer. I’ve spent the summer working on various print projects, most of which were large-scale signage so I’m ready to dig my heels in making something for smaller screens. These five sites have really inspired me to work on this new project and I look forward to seeing the final result.

Bota Iusti - Designer and Front-end Developer


Concrete Matter




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Moodboards: Classic vs Bright

Today, I’m starting to make headway on a new project and I finally got the moodboards together. It’s a project for myself and being a designer means I’m never satisfied. I really have to crunch time in the next few months to get this pulled together but my brain is split between two very different styles.

While I spend time trying to figure out what I want, here are the two ideas I have in mind!

Bright Citrus Moodboard


Classic Muted Moodboard


Bright Moodboard: Balloons | Watercolor Patterns | Peaches | Watercolor Wedding Invite | Bright Letters

Classic Moodboard: Cross Pattern | Black Sparrow Logo | The Living Co | Wedding Photo | Black & White Pattern

Which is your favorite?

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