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Growing Your Blog Into a Podcast - Studio 404 Blog

I’m so happy to have been able to speak at this year’s The Blog Connect conference in Philadelphia. After having a podcast for a year, I’ve learned so much and wanted to share some insight into what you can do to expand your blog into a new platform. I will say that Nicalia Matthews of the Side Hustle Pro podcast wrote a fantastic article a few days ago which is in-depth over most of the things I covered in this talk. So if you want an additional resource, that blog post is definitely the one I would recommend. I would also recommend Paul Jarvis’s guide to podcasting which is what we referred to a lot in our podcasting journey. I hope you find the guidelines below helpful and I really enjoyed sharing this content with all of the attendees. I’ll be sharing more about what I did in Philadelphia when I get back! Enjoy!

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  1. Thank you so much for all your insights! I learned so much and had an amazing time chatting with you!!

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