#Blogalicious8 – Content Strategies for WordPress

Content Strategies for WordPress - Studio 404

I have the honor of speaking at Blogalicious 8 in my hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. I have done this workshop a few times around the conference space at WordCamps and FLBlogCon but I was excited to present a lengthier version to the ladies of Blogalicious. Blogalicious, for those of you who have never heard of it, is a fantastic blogging conference that is dedicated to bringing together the community. Stacey Ferguson and Jazzy Jones have done a wonderful job of making women of color the forefront of their conference audience and allowing our voices to be heard. As you already know, I co-host Heart + Hustle Podcast with the same goal in mind for the creative entrepreneur podcast space. In this presentation, I’m going in depth about the psychology behind generating content, how easy it is, and putting in some practical steps to creating quality content, consistently. If you’re in the room with me, thank you so much for coming and be sure to sign up for the exclusive Blogalicious newsletter.

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